VIDEO: The Aborting of Judge Kavanaugh

Tom Trento, National Security Expert, Director of The United West.

Tom Trento comments on the obvious attacks on Judge Brett Kavanaugh because he may agree on the issues of abortion with the other four Justices on the Supreme Court.


Have you ever witnessed an abortion…or seen the graphic, disturbing photos? Well, today, you are front & center to the full-throated, scorched earth aborting of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. It aint pretty, in fact abortion is society’s ultimate example of man’s crass inhumanity to his fellow man.

One group of Elitists target another human because that person somehow stands in the progressive way of the Elitist. Save your breath with empty, non-scientific platitudes or logically indefensible legal theories.

BOTTOM LINE – A successful abortion DESTROYS another human being.

As you witness the transparent aborting of Judge Kavanaugh – understand –the Democrat Party has elevated abortion to a political art-form of human destruction, but today, their target is not a growing little girl in her mothers womb, but a fully- grown man, a man the progressive elites believe may obstruct their unfettered access to the alter upon which they worship.

If a group of godless people can harden their heart to clear science, obvious morality and instead endorse, proclaim, fight for the wholesale destruction of unborn children, can not those same people target a Godly gentleman who just may stand in the defense of those innocent boys and girls?

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is by Jon Tyson on Unsplash.

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  1. Peter Piper
    Peter Piper says:

    Judge Kavanaugh is being “aborted” because he is an EXPERT on military law and military tribunals… the very thing that these criminals are imminently facing.

    If Judge Kavanaugh is placed in the Supreme Court, he will be the go-to expert on military tribunals and will back Trump is what he is about to do in rounding up these traitors across the US.

    Huber and his 470 legal helpers have been very busy and so far have indicted over 50,000 of these criminals. When these indictments are unsealed, you will be shocked.

    So Kavanaugh may be feared because of his stance on abortion, but he is MOST feared because of his expert knowledge of military LAW, which he will use to back Trump up in his upcoming sweep of the nation to put these criminals through military tribunals.


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