BREAKING NEW VIDEO: Senator McCaskill exposed; “People just can’t know that”

Missouri: Project Veritas Action Fund has released a third undercover video from campaigns during this 2018 election season. This report exposes how incumbent Senator McCaskill and her campaign staff conceal their liberal views on issues in order to court moderate voters.

  • Senator McCaskill on Tape: “Of course!” She Would Vote Yes on Gun Bans.
  • Campaign Staff Says: McCaskill supports “a semi-automatic rifle ban.”
  • McCaskill is Quiet on Gun Views “because she has a bunch of Republican voters,” Secretly Supports Gun Control Group.
  • Campaign Staff: Wait Until After Election to Bring up Trump Impeachment; to Voters: “Get over it.”
  • “People just can’t know” McCaskill and Obama “essentially have the same views on everything.”
  • Staffers Reveal in Undercover Video it “could hurt her ability to get elected.”

View the video HERE:

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