FLORIDA: Palm Beach Post refuses to run political advertisement about Democrat candidate Andrew Gillum

The Palm Beach Post refused to run our political advertisement, which was a full page, color expose’ of Democrat candidate for governor, Andrew Gillum.

Our advertisement:

Download, print, and share this banned ad exposing Socialist Andrew Gillum!

Here is the Ad that was BANNED:  Download (PDF, 94.45MB)

The Post has already endorsed Gillum, and is running political interference on his behalf, by rejecting our ad. The media is already biased in its “reporting”, now they are refusing to allow us to pay to get the truth out!

Andrew Gillum is a doctrinal socialist, wants to abolish ICE, allow unfettered immigration and raise taxes.

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Vote for Ron DeSantis on November 6th!

EDITORS NOTE: With less than two weeks left before Election Day, Republican Florida Gov. Rick Scott leads incumbent Democrat U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson by less than two points in Florida’s critical U.S. Senate race, while Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum maintains a narrow lead over Republican nominee Ron DeSantis in the battle to be the state’s next governor, according to the statewide survey by the Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative.

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