10 Reasons Why The Democrat Will Lose Big on November 6th, 2018

There has been much speculation and polling done since the midterm elections of 2018 began. The legacy media has pushed two narratives: 1. Trump is evil and 2. There will be a blue wave on November 6th, 2018.

Here are 10 reasons why both narratives are hurting Democrats and the issues that truly count with the majority of voters:

  1. “It’s the economy stupid!” as James Carville pointed out to former President Bill Clinton during the 1992 election. Clinton won. The economy is booming under President Trump. People vote in their self interests. There are more working class Americans who are benefiting from the Trump administration policies than not. Win Republicans.
  2. The illegal alien invasion. Immigration remains a hot button issue with Americans, especially those who immigrated to the United States legally. Americans do not want to see their jobs taken by illegals nor do they want to pay welfare to those coming in the “caravan.” Win Republicans.
  3. #JobsNotMobs is a winning slogan. The attacks on individuals have soured the American people on the lawlessness exhibited by individuals and groups. For women a key factor is security. A safe home and community are key issues. Fear is not a winning strategy. Accosting people in public places hurts Democrats. Win Republicans.
  4. Saying what you mean and then doing what you say. President Donald J. Trump is the gold standard for making and keeping promises made during his campaign. A series of videos by Project Veritas has shown key Democrats running for election are saying anything to get elected. Lying is bad policy and worse politics. Win Republicans.
  5. The radicalization of the Democratic Party. Two movements are making an impact on bringing key Democrat constituencies to the Republicans. The first is the #WalkAway campaign. The second is the #BLEXIT movement. Both ask Democrats and Independents to think for themselves. These two campaigns, that are just getting started, will have an impact on the minority vote in 2018 and bigger impact in 2020. Win Republicans.
  6. The legacy media and fake news. The media did not learn from the 2016 presidential election. Rather than taking the win of Donald J. Trump in stride and reporting on his policies and positions in a rational and fair way, they went in the opposite direction. The legacy media now makes up news in the hopes that people will just trust them. Trust in the media is at an all time low. Fake news did not work in the presidential election of 2016 and will not work for them in the 2018 midterm election. Bias is obvious, lying is obvious and the hate for those who voted for President Trump is obvious. Win Republicans.
  7. The blame game doesn’t win hearts and minds. The Democrats and the media have since November 2016 blamed President Trump for everything from causing Hurricane Michael to the slaughter in a Pittsburgh synagogue. President Trump is a man of action. The Democrats are running on blame the other guy at all cost. Win Republicans.
  8. The Democratic Party’s growing list of socialist candidates. The Democratic Party, in order to appease the most radical part of its base, has chosen to run socialists in key races. Perhaps the most note worthy of this neo-Socialist Democrat movement are Andrew Gillum, running for governor in Florida, Julia Salazar, running for New York state senator and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, running for the U.S. Congress in New York District 4. Socialism sucks (see 1 above). Win Republicans.
  9. The Kavanaugh hearings. The lingering effect of the animus shown during the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on now Associate Justice Kavanaugh still hangs like a cloud over the Democrat Party. Win Republicans.
  10. Finally, the lack of ideas. The Democratic Party is running against President Trump. That is their entire message. As Tip O’Neil said, “All elections are local.” Republicans are running on the booming economy, lower taxes, secure borders, law and order, support for ICE, support for minorities by improving their lives, legal immigration, fair trade and less government control. The Democrats aren’t saying what they really stand for but they are the opposite of what the Republicans stand for. Win Republicans.

In a article titled “Trump Campaign Blitz Will End With The GOP Winning Big” Michael Busler writes:

President Trump, who constantly reminds us of his zest for winning, is about to embark on a campaign blitz.  He will visit eight states and his campaign will spend millions on advertising.  This will begin on Wednesday and last until election day.

The result of the Trump campaign blitz will be big wins for the Republicans on election day.  The GOP will maintain a majority in the House of Representatives and increase their majority in the Senate to 56 or 57, but perhaps as high as 60. [Emphasis added]

We agree. Winning is the new mantra of the Republican Party. The proof will be in the primary pudding served up on November 6, 2018.


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