UPDATE BREAKING NEW VIDEO: Team Beto Assists Caravan Aliens


Last night I sent our new video [below] exposing Congressman Beto O’Rourke’s senate campaign for a potentially illegal application of campaign funds.  Our video subjects confirmed that these campaign funds were allegedly used to aide early members of the Honduran caravan.  In case you missed it you can view the video HERE.

Our video, which received nearly 2 million views in 24 hours, was so shocking that Beto was forced to respond.

Here’s what he said:

Beto ignores that his own campaign staffers are admitting to breaking federal election laws.

Today, his opponent, Senator Ted Cruz, has encouraged other journalists and the mainstream media to push Congressman O’Rourke to own up to the actions and words of his staff.

We’ll continue to ask questions of the Congressman and keep the pressure on double-talking politicians like Beto.

Stay tuned for tonight’s investigation where we’ll release video with familiar faces in a very tight election.

In Veritas,

James O’Keefe

Texas: Project Veritas Action Fund has released new undercover video from the campaign of current Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate, Beto O’Rourke.

This new investigation uncovers what appears to be illegal activity on Congressman O’Rourke’s campaign showing campaign workers misusing funds to purchase items for Honduran aliens and early arrivals of the migrant caravan.

According to campaign workers, these expenditures have been improperly and illegally reported as other expenses.

  • Campaign workers appear to illegally misuse expenditures to assist Honduran aliens: “Nobody needs to know.”
  • Campaign staff are using “pre-paid credit cards” . . . it’s “some sort of a violation”.
  • Campaign worker wants more campaign resources to assist Honduran caravan aliens: “I’m done being nice. I’m done being professional. [Be]cause nothing is professional. None of this is like s**t there is a rule book for, you know?”
  • O’Rourke workers play fast and loose with the law: “For me, I can just ignore the rules and I’m like f**k it.”

View the full video HERE.


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