Target Case Could Sink Bathroom Law [+Video]

People like Massachusetts State Rep. Paul Tucker (D) want you to think no one gets hurt when states open bathrooms to everyone. But he’ll have a tougher time arguing that now with an incident right in Boston’s backyard.

In five days, voters in the Bay State will decide if they want to keep putting women and children at risk — or roll back a 2016 law that gives sexual predators easier access to their kids. An incident in Woburn might have just helped people make up their minds. Like every other Target store, Woburn’s lets men into girls’ restrooms. And that’s exactly what one 10-year-old found when a grown man, who identifies as a woman, followed her in. He offered her candy, and, according to her parents, banged on her stall.

Someone called the police, which Chief Robert Ferullo confirmed in a statement to a local newspaper. “On October 16 we responded to a call of suspicious activity at the Woburn Target. We identified and spoke with all involved parties. An investigation was initiated.” Ferullo said later that he couldn’t comment on that investigation, but he didn’t need to. To anyone wondering how they should vote on Question 3, this news report says it all.

Speaker Robert DeLeo (D) insisted that conservatives were making up stories like this one. “Opponents to this common-sense protection routinely and falsely claim that the law could be abused by criminals seeking to harm women and children in public restrooms. The facts simply don’t support this fiction.” Apparently, he doesn’t shop at Target! Others, like State Rep. Carmine Gentile (D) flat-out deny it, telling voters, “This law has been in place for two years, with no increase in safety incidents in restrooms.” The threats associated with Massachusetts’s law aren’t something conservatives invented (unlike the Left’s latest definition of gender). There are very real patterns (here) of voyeurism, harassment, and abuse that result from open-door policies like this one.

“… [T]his law is bad,” Andrew Beckwith of the Massachusetts Family Institute insists. “What we’ve been saying for months now — years, really — is this law allows men to go in women’s spaces and prevents anyone from stopping them, including the police. This law handcuffs police until somebody is actually violated.” How many more 10-year-olds are people like DeLeo willing to sacrifice on this phony altar of tolerance? Even one is too many.

A Massachusetts pastor, Bishop James Collins of Eagle Heights Cathedral in Revere, decided to preach the truth about Question 3. In a powerful video he talks about what he told his congregation — and that is, “there are just some things you have to stand up for — because our job is to look out for the whole and to look out for our communities.” As a father and a husband, he says, his first concern is “the protection of my wife and daughters.” As a pastor, it’s being salt and light. “Even if nothing had ever happened, it can happen. And so let’s not wait until something happens… to act.”

If you’re in Massachusetts, vote to keep women and children safe! Vote NO on Question 3. For more information on how to protect safety and privacy, check out the website.

Tony Perkins’ Washington Update is written with the aid of FRC Action senior writers.

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EDITORS NOTE: This column with video and images is republished with permission.

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