BREAKING NEW VIDEO: Donnelly “Don’t tell that to people!”

Indiana: Project Veritas Action Fund has released new undercover video from the campaign of current U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly.

This new investigation features Senator Joe Donnelly’s wife, Jill Donnelly, and campaign workers trying to hide his support of organized labor. A campaign worker states, “he’s got like a 98% AFL-CIO voting record.”

  • Hiding his true stance on labor: “I wouldn’t say anything about unions . . . just say he’s for working families.”
  • Concealing his support for big unions: “He does” support unions, just “don’t say that to people”.
  • Donnelly has to play down his true liberal views: “especially in Indiana, just because like, it’s so conservative.”
  • Donnelly hurting from “No” vote on Kavanaugh: “I know for a fact he’s losing voters [be]cause of Kavanaugh… [be]cause he voted no.”

View the full video HERE.

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