Concerning The Pipe-Bomb Maker! Food for thought…

The average guy thinks about this stuff:

1. A guy builds 13 bombs, none of which work.
2. Mails them to 13 people, none of whom open their own mail.
3. Leaves fingerprints and DNA, even though his fingerprints and DNA are in the FBI system…he’s not concerned about being caught.
4. Misspelled FLORIDA on ALL 13 envelopes. He LIVES in Florida!
5. Mails envelopes within 10 miles of his home…again, not a bit concerned about being caught!
6. Has NEW pro-Trump signs and anti-Hillary signs plastered all over his van in a predominantly LIBERAL area, but the van has no visible damage to it.(miraculous?!!)
7. None of the envelopes have USPS cancellation on stamp.
8. Two more envelopes get delivered in California while the guy is in custody…somehow the envelopes make it miraculously through numerous security check points from east coast to west.
9. Guy somehow gets VIP home addresses that are UNKNOWN to 99.999% of the world.

And the mainstream media is not even curious…to call the mainstream media a media is a bad joke on America.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is by jesse ramirez on Unsplash.

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