What’s Wrong with Hollywood?

I purchased an AMC A-List card. The card allows for me to see up to three movies a week. Since purchasing the card I have seen lots of Hollywood movies. Some I wanted to see and others I went to see just to use up my weekly quota. I have seen more movies the past two months than in the entire year.

I have seen Hollywood for what it now is, and it is not the Hollywood that I grew up with. It is sad but true.

Since purchasing the card I have asked myself: What’s Wrong with Hollywood?

Let me list some of the things Hollywood glorifies, not necessarily in order:

  1. Violence. Hollywood is addicted to, among other things, violence. Particularly graphic gun violence. Even PG rated films show violence. This runs contrary to the ideal that violence should be rejected by society rather than glorified. Violence is used by Hollywood as an inextricable outcome of mankind.
  2. Hate. Hollywood has produced films that glorify the bad guy/girl over the good guy/girl. The story lines of many films focus on revenge. Violent revenge using #1 – Violence, especially graphic gun violence.
  3. Infidelity. Hollywood loves infidelity. Perhaps this is a reflection of the life styles of the actors who can’t seem to keep their marriages together. Lying and cheating on one’s wife/husband, leads to #2 – Hate and in some cases #1 – Violence, particularly graphic gun violence.
  4. Drug Abuse. Hollywood loves drug addicts. Those who live their lives addicted to things that they inhale, inject or snort. Drug addicts and those who provide them with their poison of choice produce #1 – Violence, #2 – Hate for the law, and #3 – Infidelity. The addict is many times made out to be the hero rather than the villain. Drug dealers are portrayed as the norm rather than the exception. Use of drugs is glorified.
  5. Paganism. Hollywood loves witches, warlocks, zombies and other mythical creatures. There are entire franchises that celebrate the lifestyles of werewolves and vampires. Hollywood loves a good sacrifice, in the style of the pagan rituals, over being human with a moral soul. Hollywood bathes in blood. The more blood and gore the better, or so they think. Paganism leads to #1 – Violence, #2 – Hate for humanity, #3 – Infidelity (show me a faithful vampire), and #4 – Drug Abuse (addicted to the taste of human blood).
  6. Sodomy. Hollywood goes out of its way to promote sodomy, including, in some recent films, bestiality and sex with robots. Abnormal sexual activities have become the goto themes of many Hollywood films. We find beauty having sexual relations with the beast. The glorification of sodomy even in films with historical figures (e.g. The Favorite and Mary Queen of Scots). Sodomy leads to #1 – Violence, #2 – Hate (both for the sodomite and his/her lovers), #3 – Infidelity (show me a sodomite who is faithful to his/her lover), #4 – Drug Abuse (Bohemian Rhapsody), #5 – Paganism including sexual attractions to beasts and robots.
  7. Coveting. Hollywood loves those who covet other people’s things. For Hollywood the thief is a hero. Take what you can get while the you can. Even wives of thieves (Widows) find themselves becoming thieves. Robin Hood becomes a thief, in the latest iteration, to promote social justice. The original Robin Hood took from the government and gave it back to the people from whom the government stole it, also known as taxation. Hollywood loves those who covet power (The Favorite). For it’s all about power. Coveting doesn’t end with taking another’s cow, it leads to losing ones soul.
  8. Anarchy. Hollywood loves social upheaval. Doom Day scenarios are the soup de jour for Hollywood. Apocalyptic scripts are reproduced ad nausea by Hollywood. Destroying the earth is always part of the script. Sometimes the earth is saved by a super hero, other times it is not. Anarchy leads to #1 – Violence, #2 – Hate and so on.
  9. Fantasy. Hollywood doesn’t like reality. It embraces fantasy worlds to give the viewer the idea that truth can be replace by fantasies. Living in a fantasy has become the new reality. The real world has been replace by the virtual world. Out of body experiences are more important that real life experiences. Fantasy is reinforced by video games, on TV and in what has become to be known as “fake news.”
  10. Profanity. Hollywood can’t get enough of profanity. Both on screen and at The Oscar’s ceremony. Profanity is used relentlessly. The more profane the better. Profanity comes from the mouths of babes, their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and neighbors. Profanity accompanies #1 – Violence, creates #2 – Hate and is part and parcel of #3 – Infidelity. Profanity becomes social comedy and the new normal. If you can’t complete a sentence without saying f*** you then you aren’t normal. Profanity leads to #12 – Social Suicide.
  11. Propaganda. Hollywood has become – on the screen, on stage and at award ceremonies – a propaganda machine for a particular world view. Movies have the ability to control. Hollywood is the new public school classroom, designed to push a narrative of all of the above.
  12. Social Suicide. In the end Hollywood promotes social suicide. The silver screen has become the gateway to social injustice for the few at the expense of the vast majority. Being a white heterosexual faithful male hero is passe. Anything goes in Hollywood that destroys the cornerstone social structure of society – the traditional nuclear family.

Where can one find out what movies to take their children to? What movies to see as a family. Forget Rotten Tomatoes or those Hollywood movie reviewers. May I suggest visiting and using MovieGuide.org.

If you want to add to my list of What’s Happened to Hollywood please do so in the comment section below. Please, no #9.

Please watch for my movie reviews.


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EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is by Justin Aikin on Unsplash.

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