Spreely Falsely Attacked by Google

Spreely.com is a new social media platform. According to the Spreely Facebook page, it is:

The Social Network Committed To Protecting Your 1st Amendment Rights. No Censorship. No Shadow Bans. No BS.

Members of Spreely.com received the following email from Google on January 1, 2019:

Remove risky access to your data

Some apps or services you allowed to access your Google Account have not been verified by Google. Since they have extensive access to your personal information, you should remove their access unless you trust them. Review these apps and see other personalized security recommendations in the Security Checkup.


When Spreely members click on the Take Action button this screen appears:

Remove risky access to your data

This app or service has extensive access to your personal information and its developer’s information hasn’t been verified by Google. You should remove its access unless you’re sure you trust it. Learn about the risks


Has access to Google Contacts

We contacted Spreely.com and received the following reply:

Thank you for the heads up, This is something we need to look into … I can assure you we do not have “extensive access” to your data, nor are we doing anything nefarious with any data we do have … I am so sick of these tech left giants!

It appears Google is working to prevent members of Spreely from importing their Google contact list. This seems to be another way that tech giants, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, work to keep their competitors like Spreely.com from growing.

Sad but true.

EDITORS NOTE: Please visit our Spreely.com page. Join us on Spreely.

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    • ArayanZ
      ArayanZ says:

      Amen Spreely IS becoming a threat to the “big boys” – which is awesome. But everyone needs to remember that these mega international Corp bought off unscrupulous politicians in our state and federal government and that’s how small private businesses in the US were erased. These mega Corp are now thoroughly entrenched in the federal government and own it. THAT’s WHY there has been no regulation of these Constitution stomping giants and there WON’T be any in the future either unless the American people wake up and get tired of being crapped on by them AND living in poverty.

  1. James Westbrook
    James Westbrook says:

    Hello Dr. Swier,
    I was wondering if you might be able to tell me if Spreely would be a good place to promote my website 1979westbrook.com and it’s sister site 1979Visions.Com

    I realize that you are probably very busy, I do hope to hear from you or one of your staff members at your earliest possible convenience.
    Sincerely J.T. Westbrook


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