We Need Two Way Border Security

America needs two way border security. It will save American lives and American dollars.

Most people think of border security for keeping bad people from entering the U. S. A. That is important. The recent murder of a police officer in California by an illegal alien during a traffic stop is good evidence of that.

Several years ago in my hometown, an illegal alien talked his way into a woman’s home and then raped and murdered her. When her sister came to check why the first sister was not answering the phone, the illegal alien raped and murdered the second sister.

A few years ago, near Valparaiso, Indiana, an illegal alien ran a stop sign and killed himself and other people in another car. So, preventing bad people from entering the U.S.A. is very important.

But, stopping bad people from leaving the U.S.A. is another important part of border security. Over 20 years ago, I visited relatives and friends in California. One friend who owned a construction firm showed me articles about heavy equipment at construction sites being stolen and taken to Mexico. In Mexico, the equipment was put on ships and sent to other parts of the world. Construction companies, insurance companies, government roadway projects, and taxpayers suffered financially because no one stopped the thieves from taking the expensive equipment to Mexico.

I lived in Las Vegas but made a point not to drive a new car because so many nice cars were being stolen from Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Tucson. The nice cars were being driven to Mexico to be sold for profit to criminal gangs. Again, the thieves succeeded and made millions of dollars because no security was at our border with Mexico to stop them. People lost cars and insurance companies raised rates to cover their losses.

Lack of border security costs lives and money. Investing in border security will be worth every penny spent.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is by Amber Wolfe on Unsplash.

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