Take the Survey: Will You Still Purchase Gillette Products?

Last week, 2ndVote released a new company score, Edgewell Personal Care, as an alternative to Gillette and parent company Procter & Gamble. Edgewell is the owner of the Schick and Edge shaving product brands and has remained Neutral (3) on all the issues 2ndVote scores.

Gillette’s recent ad promoting the narrative of so-called “toxic masculinity” has received plenty of backlash, and according to Breitbart, it became the 28th most disliked YouTube video of all time. Greg Gutfeld of Fox News explains Gillette’s attempt at a “woke” business strategy:

Gillette makes an ad that shafts the company’s key audience, just to score a few virtue points with the social justice mob. They say they’re sparking conversation – but that’s what they call it when they tie you to a chair and shout accusations at you. Then ask you for your money.

But how enlightened is Gillette, really?

Look at these razors. The blue is for the males…the pink, females.

Talk about enforcing gender stereotypes.

Now, the cowardly media, scared of the social media mob, backs the ad.

Of course 2ndVote subscribers understand parent company Procter & Gamble’s (1.7 – Liberal) record of liberal activism means Gillette is not the best option for conservative shopping dollars. That is why our research team has been hard at work making sure we have the best information for finding alternative companies and discovering where Gillette’s competitors stand on the issues:

Schick and Edge (Edgewell Personal Care) – 3 (Neutral)

Harry’s Razors – 2.4 (Lean Liberal)

Dollar Shave Club – 1.9 (Liberal)

Please help us continue our work by taking the survey below on your shopping habits when it comes to your shaving products. Your input is valued, and helps us create content keeping you informed on why competitor companies like Harry’s Razors and Dollar Shave Club have also taken steps to advance the left’s agenda.

Take the survey!


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EDITORS NOTE: This 2ndVote column with images is republished with permission. The featured image is by Shutterstock.

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