How Marx, Hitler and Social Democrats have made thinking unthinkable

Have you noticed today that thinking (using logic) is considered a hate crime?

Hate crimes.

Here are a few examples of thinking as hate crimes:

  1. You reject collectivism and embrace individual liberty and freedom.
  2. You deny that mankind is causing global warming.
  3. You embrace the scientific proof that gender at birth is binary (male and female).
  4. You deny the idea that it’s a woman’s right to kill (abort) her unborn child.
  5. You deny that, of the three Abrahamic religions, that Islam is truly a religion of peace.
  6. You reject diversity and multiculturalism (i.e. identity politics) and embrace assimilation (E Pluribus Unum) .
  7. You embrace truth and facts over emotion and subjectivism.
  8. You embrace the open discussion of ideas no matter how distasteful.
  9. You reject ad hominem attacks against anyone because of their beliefs.
  10. You deny the idea that God is dead and embrace His Son Jesus. You are Judeo/Christian.

When did thinking become unthinkable?

The idea that thinking became unthinkable began under Karl Marx. Marx believed that people of different social classes think differently. The bourgeois think differently than the serf. The idea that man, because of his social status, cannot think the same became known as “polylogism.” The term polylogism was first introduced by Ludwig von Mises. Von Mises wrote:

Polylogism is the replacement of reasoning and science by superstitions. It is the characteristic mentality of an age of chaos. 

The Ayn Rand lexicon defines polylogism as,

(T)he doctrine that there is not one correct logic, one correct method of reasoning necessarily binding on all men, but that there are many logics, each valid for some men and invalid for the others. 

As Spock from Star Trek would say, “That’s illogical.”

What used to be logical has now become illogical. What was once unthinkable (e.g. infanticide) has now become public policy. The belief that a male can be a female is illogical but perfectly permissible under polylogism.

The Rand lexicon states,

Aware of the fact that communism cannot be defended by reason, the Marxists proceeded to turn the fallacy of ad hominem into a formal philosophic doctrine, claiming that logic varies with men’s economic class, and that objections to communist doctrine may be dismissed as expressions of “bourgeois logic.” Thus, vilification of an opponent replaces analysis of his argument . . . . Kant [is] the real father of polylogism, the first among the major philosophers officially to sever logic from reality . . . In terms of fundamentals, Nazi polylogism, like Nazi subjectivism, is simply a pluralizing and racializing of the Kantian view.

Polylogism is not a theory of logic—it is a denial of logic and therefore reality. Polylogists can believe whatever they want, reality be damned.

Ayn Rand wrote:

“The uncontested absurdities of today are the accepted slogans of tomorrow. They come to be accepted by degrees, by dint of constant pressure on one side and constant retreat on the other – until one day when they are suddenly declared to be the country’s official ideology.”

If you disagree with a polylogist you are are committing a hate crime and must therefore be condemned in the most virulent manner. Absurdities are the new normal. If you don’t believe me just turn on your TV and watch the polylogists lecture to you what to think.

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EDITORS NOTE: The featured photo is by Jose Moreno on Unsplash.

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  1. Bill Narvey
    Bill Narvey says:

    Dr. Swier,

    I had not heard of polylogism before. I looked it up. According to one site :

    Polylogism is nothing but social subjectivism. It claims that knowledge is whatever you want it to be, but applies it to groups. Cultures, tribes, or races are the deciders of truth, and reality conforms to their views. What’s true for a Greek philosopher is not true for an Eastern philosopher. This does not mean that the two believe different things. It means that the two are both right, even though they contradict one another.

    Polygism is a fancy word of some philosophical interest, but that is it.

    The more relevant insights into the kind of thinking you describe as hate crimes are those of George Orwell. There is a collection of 11 sayings by Orwell that have some bearing on what you are talking about: 11 scarily accurate George Orwell quotes about truth These quotes from Orwell on Truth, a collection of George Orwell’s fiction and non-fiction on this elusive subject, bring his much needed voice of reason to today’s post-truth world

    There is overwhelming evidence that the liberal-left in North America in particular, universally consider certain expressed thoughts, views and beliefs coming from the conservative-right, no matter that they are fact, logic and reason based, to be unacceptable in our multicultural, diverse and politically correct society, if not downright bigoted and racist. The liberal-left in reaction to such thoughts, views and beliefs have no compunction acting on their perceptions and views in that regard, even to the point of using violence to press their point.

    We see that often on many campuses which provide young impressionable students with a left wing experiential and learning milieu that is shaped and controlled by largely left wing academia. There liberal left wing students indoctrinated, instructed and incited by their left wing professors quickly rally to join mobs to protest and shout down anyone, almost invariably from a conservative or right wing point of view and sometimes use violence to prevent invited known conservative speakers from speaking on campuses.

    We see that same mob mentality expressed by some liberals and mostly left wingers who are quick to rally into mobs on the streets to either support some left wing issue or person or denounce some conservative based issue or person.

    What we have witnessed over the last several or so decades has been the liberal-left leaders growing success in unifying their sheeple base to gain the power to control and shape socio-political discourse and policy in North American society. The conservative-right have long whined and complained, but have never managed to unify like the liberal-left to get their sheeple behind them to lessen the influence of the liberal-left aforesaid, create an even socio-political discourse playing field, if not reversing the power of the liberal-left altogether.

    It seems that what the conservative right lacks is the same passion, determination and essential unity of the liberal-left to relentlessly and effectively push their own views and agendas.

    Unless and until that happens, we are going to continue to see the consequences of the undue influence of the liberal-left on our society and culture ever worsening as the liberal-left further consolidates, expands and strengthens its hold on socio-political discourse.

    Bill Narvey


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