Will Starbucks Values Hit the Campaign Trail in 2020?

Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, tweeted his interest in running for president of the United States… as an independent.

Now, with an outspoken CEO who regularly leveraged his position to push an agenda, Starbucks could hardly be considered a centrist entity under Schultz’s leadership—that would essentially require neutrality on the issues, or at least some semblance of playing both sides. Looking at Starbucks’ long receipt of liberal activism over the years, you can understand why we view this new-found moderation with healthy skepticism.

After his voluntary departure in 2000, Schultz returned in 2008 after the company reported serious financial troubles. The return also marked a jumpstart in the activism that has earned Starbucks a 2ndVote score of 1 (Liberal).

During his second tenure, Schultz told Christian shareholders to take a hike if they didn’t agree with the company’s support for same-sex marriage. Later that year, Starbucks banned all customers from legally carrying firearms in their stores.

Additionally, in what is surely a carry-over from Schultz’s time as CEO, the new Starbucks chief has been forced to defend his company’s financial support for abortion giant Planned Parenthood. 

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Obviously, conservatives are unlikely to cast their first vote for Schultz in 2020. What should concern the new leadership at Starbucks is the fact that they won’t cast their 2ndVote buying their coffee until the stain of activism is erased from the kitchens.

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