Stacey Abrams Democratic Party Response to the SOTU Sounded Trump Like

I watched and listened to the State of the Union address to Congress and the American people by President Donald J. Trump. I then watched and listened to Stacey Abrams response on behalf of the Democratic Party. Ms. Adams spoke about her personal experiences. President Trump, as the Commander-In-Chief, spoke about the nation.

I found, with a few exceptions, Ms. Abrams in the beginning to be very Trump like. For example, both Ms. Abrams and President Trump want safe schools. The difference is how they view this issue. For example, Ms. Adams’ party focuses on gun control, President Trump is focused on both protecting children and the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Ms. Abrams talked about the middle class. President Trump talked about how the economy and how it is lifting up every American regardless of class. Ms. Abrams, despite the economic and jobs data, said “far too many hardworking Americans are falling behind living paycheck to paycheck most without labor unions to protect them.” She said the Republican tax bill “rigged the system” and “rather than bringing back jobs plants are closing,” “layoffs are looming,” “wages struggle to keep pace with the actual cost of living.”

How can this be?

Ms. Abrams attacked President Trump (the government shutdown) and the Republican leadership. President Trump did not attack any Democrat, rather he blamed both political parties for many of the crisis that his administration is currently facing. President Trump talked about public policies that have worked to make Americans and America prosperous and a clear vision for the future.

It appeared that Ms. Abrams holds the same values as President Trump of faith, family, community, hard work, opportunity, fairness and prosperity. However, their views of America are very, very different. Reality or politics?

Please watch Ms. Stacy Abrams give the Democratic Party response to the SOTU:

The difference between Ms. Abrams, who is not in office, and President Trump, who is the Commander-In-Chief, is between words and actions.

President Trump has a record of service albeit short as this is his first public office held. Ms. Abrams has held office longer serving in the Georgia legislature. Ms. Adams said that she disagreed with her Republican counterparts in the Georgia legislature but they got things done together to get things done. Will this message resonate with members of Congress from both parties? Time will tell.

February 15th is fast approaching. The continuing resolution with end. Will Democrats and Republicans unite to solve problems? Will it be compromise or resist?

The question is now what?

There are two distinct views of America presented by President Trump and Ms. Abrams. One moving forward and one moving backward. Watch both speeches. Make up your mind independently.

Please, think for yourself.

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is from Stacey Abrams’ Facebook page.

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