REVIEW: The Movie ‘Destroyer’ Mirrors the Decline and Fall of Los Angeles, California

I went to see the movie “Destroyer” staring Nichole Kidman. The film takes place in Los Angeles, California. When I first saw Nichole Kidman, who plays Detective Erin Bell, I was struck by how she looked. Kidman won a Golden Globe Award for her role in “Destroyer.”

Watch the trailer:

Kidman was physically, emotionally and morally a reflection of Los Angeles, California.

Let me explain why. Kidman’s character was:

  1. Erin Bell is an LAPD law enforcement officer sworn to protect and defend the people. She failed in all of her duties. Bell was a liar, thief, violent psychopath and murderer. A mirror image of Los Angeles, California.
  2. Erin Bell’s life is a series of self-inflicted wounds. She brought about everything that happened to her because she repeatedly made bad decisions. Exactly like Los Angeles, California.
  3. Erin Bell has a child out of wedlock with her partner. The rule rather than the exception in Los Angeles, California.
  4. Erin Bell was a failed mother. Her daughter made the decision to live with her step father rather than with her dysfunctional biological mother. This speaks volumes.
  5. Erin Bell was morally, physically and mentally broken. Exactly like Los Angeles, California.
  6. In the end she died from massive internal bleeding. So it is in Los Angeles, California. The City of Los Angeles is bleeding internally from its public policies.
  7. Bell initially was an undercover federal agent who got her partner/lover/father of her child killed. She was bent on revenge and got it at the end by breaking the law repeatedly. Essentially Detective Erin Bell was a “basket case.” So too is Los Angeles, California.
  8. In the end Erin Bell sub-conscientiously reflects upon her failed life as it slowly drains out of her while she is parked in her car under a underpass in a Los Angeles ghetto. Los Angeles is dying slowly and it can’t seem to help itself.

Kidman deserves her Golden Globe award. The irony is Hollywood didn’t realize that they were making a movie showing how dysfunctional the city, of which they are an integral part, really is.

I saw Kidman, a beautiful actress, turning into a monster physically, emotionally, professionally and morally. Hollywood and Los Angeles have become monsters physically, emotionally and morally.

Kidman was masterful in showing how evil begets evil. Evil has come to Los Angeles, California.

Thank you Nichole for doing such a great job in enlightening us on the rot that is at the core of your character and the City of Angels, an oxymoron, in which you live, play and work.


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