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Again a cycle with a lot of news: Energy and Environmental Newsletter.

A continued very hot topic is the Green New Deal proposed by US Progressives. There is a separate section in the full Newsletter that addresses it. Here are some good commentaries from that collection:

The 10 Most Insane Requirements Of The Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is a leftist politician’s worst enemyGreen New Deal: The Devil Is in the Details

Green New Deal: Looks Like A Dem Parody Bill

The Green New Deal is a Prescription for Poverty

Green New Deal Would Be a Giant Leap on the Road to Serfdom

Study: Internal Contradictions of the Green New Deal

Some of the other more interesting Energy related articles are:

Bill Gates about the foolishness of renewables

Short Anti-wind video by Ohio citizens

Study: The $2.5 trillion reason we can’t rely on batteries to clean up the gridEvolution of Electricity Rates

New Huge Study: Wind Turbines Devalue nearby Homes

Abstracts for upcoming 8th International Meeting on Wind Turbine Noise

PhD Letter re Turbine Health Impacts

German citizen anti-wind effort results in installations slump

Electoral Platitudes = Energy Truama for Citizens

Goodbye to a misguided war on coal

Hot Day in Australia results in massive blackoutsWind + Natural Gas

Study: Grid Scale Electricity Storage Can’t Save Renewables

Some of the more informative Global Warming articles are:

Physicist: Don’t fall for the argument about ‘settled science’

Greenhouse-warming theory does not appear to even be physically possible

Revised: Deficiencies In the IPCC’s SR15 Special Report

Stop The Climate Stupidity

Why the Left Loves and Hates Science

The Three Major Problems with a Carbon Tax

Three New Studies: Sea Level Rise Whiplash

Note 1: We recommend reading the Newsletter on your computer, not your phone. Some documents (e.g. PDFs) are easier to read on a computer. We’ve tried to use common fonts, etc. to minimize issues.
Note 2: Our intention is to put some balance into what most people see from the mainstream media about energy and environmental issues… As always, please pass this on to open-minded citizens, and link to this on your social media sites. If there are others who you think would benefit from being on our energy & environmental email list, please let me know. If at any time you’d like to be taken off this list, simply send me an email saying that.
Note 3: This Newsletter is intended to supplement the material on our website, The most important page there is the Winning page.
Note 4: I am not an attorney, so no material appearing in any of the Newsletters (or our website) should be construed as giving legal advice. My recommendation has always been: consult a competent licensed attorney when you are involved with legal issues.

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