How to play Pull-a-Smollett: The Game of Social Engineering

At the risk of losing the punch line in the translation, let me start with a Russian joke:

“We’re sorry, but you’re no longer welcome in our house.”
“Why is that?”
“The last time you visited, one of our spoons went missing.”
“What nonsense, why would I steal your silverware?”
“We’re not saying you did, we found it a day later, but the resentment still remains.”

While the stain on this poor fellow’s reputation was accidental, we are now finding that such stains can be engineered, especially if the media is on your side. Consider the Trump-Russia collusion scenario. None of the claims against Trump have proven to be true, but “the resentment remains.”

All of the examples of hate and violence by Trump supporters have also proven to be hoaxes, and yet the response usually is, “even if this one’s a hoax, you can’t deny that Trump has created an atmosphere of resentment, and so many hate crimes in the news can’t all be hoaxes.”

This is a projection. Simple reverse engineering suggests that by trying to plant resentment against Trump with endless unproven tales, the Democrats have legitimized hoaxes and thus created an atmosphere in which the jussie smolletts of this world are getting inspired to conjure their own little tales of deceit in order to stain and damage “Trump’s America.” They’ve also legitimized sociopathy, empowering scores of manipulative “victims” to satisfy their pathological craving for sympathy.

What these hoax enthusiasts tend to forget is that such high-end political technologies require skill and calculation, while their own low-end intellect will likely cause them to get caught. Their opponents will gloat and say, “If Trump’s America is so violent and hateful, why do the Democrats need hoaxes in order to prove it?”

To the Democrat leaders these amateurs are what suicide bombers are to the leaders of ISIS: disposable human material and acceptable losses in a war for power. Smollett’s life may now be in pieces, but he has left a lasting resentful stain in the public square, having earned gratitude from 72 progressive self-identified virgins. 

Smollett’s name will now be forever tied to all the past, present, and future political hoaxes, immortalized in the Party-approved Pull-a-Smollett game, in which young and old progressives compete in who can better stain reputations, divide people, and generate resentment at the cost of their own lives and careers. 

Have you pulled a Smollett lately? If so, tell us your story. It may be added as another game card to our stack. 

In the meantime, here’s a list of previous winners and their inspirational stories, courtesy of The Daily Caller.


  • Anti-Muslim Hate Crime In Michigan Turns Out To Be A Hoax (Nov. 2016)
  • Bisexual Student Fakes Trump-Inspired Hate Crime (Nov. 2016)
  • Gas Station Racism Goes Viral – Then Police Debunk It (Nov. 2016)
  • White Men Rob Muslim Woman Of Her Hijab And Wallet – Except It Never Happened (Nov. 2016)
  • Church Organist Vandalizes Own Church (Nov. 2016)
  • “Drunk White Men” Attack Muslim Woman In Story That Also Never Happened (Dec. 2016)
  • White Guy Sets His Own Car On Fire, Paints Racial Slur On His Own Garage (Dec. 2016)
  • Prankster Tricks Liberal Journalist Into Spreading Anti-Trump Hoax (Dec. 2016)
  • Student Writes Anti-Muslim Graffiti On His Own Door (Feb. 2017)
  • Israeli Man Behind Anti-Semitic Bomb Threats In The U.S. (April 2017)
  • Hoax At St. Olaf (May 2017)
  • Fake Hate At Air Force Academy Goes Viral (Sept. 2017)
  • K-State Fake Hate Crime (Nov. 2017)
  • Racist Graffiti Carried Out By Non-White Student (Nov. 2017)
  • Waiter Fakes Note Calling Himself A Terrorist (July 2018)
  • Waitress Fakes Racist Note, Blames Law Enforcement (July 2018)
  • New York Woman’s Hate Crime That Wasn’t (Sept. 2018)
  • Student Faked Racist Notes (Dec. 2018)
  • The Covington Catastrophe (Jan. 2019)
  • Bonus: Anti-Semitic Vandal Exposed As Democratic Activist (Nov. 2018)
  • Bonus II: Trump-Inspired Racist Blaze At Black Church Was Carried Out By Black Churchgoer (Nov. 2016)

EDITORS NOTE: This political satire column with images by Red Square originally appeared on The Peoples Cube. It is republished with permission.

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