MOVIE REVIEW: “Run The Race!” A Story About the Brotherhood of God

I was overwhelmed by the majesty of the film “Run The Race.” The film reminds us that we are all in a race. The question is: What are we running to?

Watch the trailer:

The primary characters in “Run The Race” are the Truett brothers, Evan and Tanner. Both are gifted athletes. Athletes with gifts of strength, agility and a passion to become someone better. Their goal is to leave the life they are living, poor, fatherless, and motherless. They dream of a better future, one where they can use their athletic skills to contribute.

The Reality

The reality is that their mother died of cancer at a young age. Their father becomes an alcoholic and abandons the brothers. The person who gave them hope is their the god mother.

It is a film about how God challenges us and how we respond to those challenges. Mankind can choose to follow Him or not. This is the theme of the movie. Evan suffered a head injury while playing high school football and has seizures. This injury ended his dream of getting an athletic scholarship at the University of Florida.

Tanner becomes the new hope for both brothers to leave their current situation and have new lives. Then Tanner is injured, which puts the burden back on Evan to have a “plan” to get them out of their current situation.

Evan has accepted his injury by embracing God and His Son Jesus. Truett is a doubter. How this comes out is both tragic and inspiring.

Run The Race” is a must see film.

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