Facebook Employee: He ran away from me on his bike . . .

James O’Keefe in California. Photo: Screen shot.

Yesterday, Veritas published documents from a brave former Facebook insider which show how conservatives’ pages are targeted and “deboosted.”  These documents also reveal plans to suppress distribution, and they appear to conflate conservative speech with abusive “troll behavior.”

When Facebook commented on our investigations, they didn’t refute our documents, instead, they attacked our insider.  And when they tried to reject our conclusions, they contradicted themselves. 

Facebook told The Verge that their ActionDeboostLiveDistribution tag is used to “deboost” content uploaded through the API as live content that is not actually live content. 

Veritas has learned from people on the inside of Facebook that SIGMA: ActionDeboostLiveDistribution was created for the purpose of ferreting out suicide and self-injury content. 

So which is it?  

How has this tool been used for political purposes?

And when it happens — why aren’t users being notified? 

I figured Veritas should ask the people behind these documents to explain themselves, so I took a trip to California.

When I questioned two of these Facebook employees about their actions, well — take a look for yourself . . . 

They were so shocked that a journalist is trying to hold a tech giant accountable that one of them said:

 “I’m a little worried for my safety given the way that you’re stalking me.”

The irony!

What about how our brave insider feels? 

She has been attacked and ridiculed by one of the most powerful companies in the world.  Facebook, which has billions of daily users — now has her in their crosshairs.

At any rate, after asking more questions of him, the Facebook employee got so upset he got on his bike and quickly peddled away!

Click HERE to watch. 

In Truth, 

James O’Keefe

EDITORS NOTE: This Project Veritas column with video and images is republished with permission. The featured image is by geralt from Pixabay.

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