13 reasons that “Medicare for All” will fail miserably!

In an article titled “Beyond ‘Bumper Sticker’ Slogans: 2020 Democrats Debate Details Of Medicare-For-All” Danielle Kurtzleben from National Public Radio reports:

Bernie Sanders is back, but one of his signature policies never left.

In 2015, he introduced Medicare-for-all to many Democrats for the first time. Since Sanders’ first run for president, that type of single-payer health care system has become a mainstream Democratic proposal.

A doctor sent me the below list of reasons why Medicare for All will fail. The original author of the list is unknown.

I am passing it along for others to ponder and discuss. Medicare for All is an initiative of the Democratic Party, who also passed The Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare.

  1. It bans private health insurance, including employer-provided insurance plans.
  2. It will move everyone to Medicare within two years. Obamacare took over three years to launch. When it did, the website crashed. The government will now try and move ten times as many people, in half the time, to Medicare.
  3. It’s “free”! No co-pays, no premiums, no deductibles. But the bill includes no price tag, or any plan to come up with the money. One estimate is $32 trillion over ten years.
  4. It guarantees long-term care — without a plan to pay for it (or anything else).
  5. It eliminates the existing state and federal Obamacare exchanges. On the negative side, this means people will lose the insurance they currently have.
  6. It will cover illegal aliens. It applies to all “residents” of the U.S., and the Secretary of Health and Human Services will decide who qualifies as a “resident.” Anyone who resides (legally or illegally) will be covered!
  7. It covers abortion. The bill will change federal law that currently bans direct funding for abortion which, to Democrats, includes abortion (murder) during birth and (murder) directly after birth.
  8. It bans “experimental” drugs/treatments without special permission from the HHS Secretary. This rule, to keep costs down, results in an end to the “Right to Try”!
  9. It eliminates for-profit medicine. Period. “Medicare for All” believes that profit is evil.
  10. It bans hospitals and doctors from trying to increase revenue. Medicare payments cannot be used for the basic business of running a hospital.
  11. It sets national fees — regardless of local factors like the availability of doctors. Even building or renovating hospitals must be centrally approved.
  12. It prohibits incentives for the best doctors. The bill “prohibits incentive payments, or compensation based on utilization of services or the financial results of any health care provider.” Success, like profit, is bad in a Socialist View.
  13. It punishes doctors for giving special help to individual patients. Doctors will be banned from the system for a year if they make “a private contract with an eligible individual” for services covered by “Medicare for All.”

EDITORS NOTE: The featured image is from Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Herbert Fried
    Herbert Fried says:

    But we have a Medicare for all already. All those 65 and older. It works well. So lower the age of eligibility 5 years for every calendar year to allow the system to adapt. And charge a monthly premium to pay for it. And allow people to opt out if they want other health care insurance. If it’s a good system it will become universal on its own.

    • Dr. Rich Swier
      Dr. Rich Swier says:


      Medicare operates in the best healthcare system in the world. This effort will destroy that healthcare system and put it under total government control. In other word, the government, not your doctor, will make all of your healthcare decisions. Like in Cuba.


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