Unplanned: Pro-Life Movie Screens at CPAC

CPAC attendees were provided a first-look at a movie that is sure to rally the pro-life movement this spring.

Unplanned is the true life story of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood employee who left the abortion industry after seeing the ultrasound image of an abortion. Johnson now runs the And Then There Were None ministry that helps former abortion workers find new careers after leaving the industry.

The MPAA has unexpectedly given Unplanned an R-rating. LiveAction explains why:

While Unplanned features simulated abortion scenes that include blood, it doesn’t contain any of the MPAA cautions for profanity, nudity, or sex. Therefore, the MPAA decision to give the film an R-rating is quite possibly because of the abortion scenes — and the MPAA’s opinion that these scenes depict violence. The rating essentially means that the MPAA is (perhaps unintentionally) supporting the pro-life community’s long-held argument that abortion is an act of violence against innocent human life — one pro-lifers believe should be illegal.

Indeed, 2ndVote staff who attended the screening will attest that the realistic depiction of an abortion procedure is difficult to stomach. And, that is one reason why you and your family should see this film.

However, Johnson’s story is also a story of redemption. Unplanned, which is based on her memoir by the same title, powerfully exposes the abortion industry’s lies. It chronicles how she was healed by faith.

Before Thursday night’s screening, Johnson said:

There’s never been a film that has shown just the barbaric truth of abortion like this one does, and I think the beautiful thing about this film is that it really creates a conversion in all of us.

…a conversion moment for all of us that maybe we haven’t been doing enough, maybe we’ve been apathetic about this issue. Maybe we’ve harbored resentment in our hearts toward those who’ve had abortions or those who work in abortion facilities. Maybe we just haven’t believed in the radical mercy of Christ like we should.

Unplanned will be in theaters nationwide on March 29th. You can learn more about the movie and find showtimes here.

This is a movie the 2ndVote movement will want to support. Don’t just take our word for it—MyPillow (3 – Neutral) founder Mike Lindell has invested $1 million into Unplanned’s production.

Click here to see the corporations still financially supporting Planned Parenthood’s abortion business.

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EDITORS NOTE: This 2ndVote column with video and images is republished with permission.

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