VIDEO: Gillette Sweats Damage Control

Just weeks after lecturing men to change their supposedly “toxic” behaviors, Gillette has apparently discovered masculine traits are a good thing.

“Every Hero Sweats, Some Never Show It” is the name of the latest ad by the Procter & Gamble (1.7 – Liberal) brand. The two and a half minute video follows a soldier’s transition from the military to civilian life and highlights the challenges faced by veterans and their families, especially the process of finding a new career.

We emphatically agree that a man providing for his family and defending his country embodies “The Best a Man Can Get” spirit. In fact, 2ndVote Chairman Dr. David Black explained how biology enables men to take on these solemn duties, in his January letter to Proctor & Gamble’s CEO:

Without the male androgens you would not have a very big consumer base for your facial hair shaving products. Furthermore, you would have a society that lacks the best in what men provide. You would no longer have fathers providing for families, brave policemen and firefighters who keep our communities safe, or soldiers who are willing to defend freedoms with their lives.

Given the thematic elements of this latest ad, it appears Dr. Black’s thoughts were passed along to the Gillette marketing team.

However, the original decision to piggy-back onto the misleading “toxic masculinity” narrative has many consumers still skeptical of the Gillette brand’s values.

EDITORS NOTE: This 2ndVote column with video is republished with permission.

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