Architects of Woke: Judith Butler’s War on Science

The first episode of Dangerous Documentaries’ new web series, The Architects of Woke, is live on Facebook and YouTube.

The first episode exposes the outsized influence of Professor Judith Butler, the Berkeley feminist, famous as the mother of the modern theory that dozens of “genders” exist, with no relation to the two biological sexes. Judith Butler’s War on Science explains the myriad ways Butler’s gender-bending theories infiltrate academe and American culture. Watch it here:

The series takes aim at far-left post-modernist and Marxist thinkers and activists responsible for the spread of identity politics from college campuses to society at large. Stay tuned for more episodes as we expose Slavoj Žižek, a highly influential philosopher who’s fond of Lenin, and Chapo Trap House, the radical socialist podcast that’s been called “the last stop off the socialist train before Antifa.”

We hope you enjoy the first episode in this series. If you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you’ll never miss an episode.

EDITORS NOTE: This Capitol Research Center column with video is republished with permission.

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