CAXIT: Catholics Exiting The Democratic Party [+Videos]

by David Nussman.

DETROIT ( – A new website calls on Catholics to cut ties with the Democratic Party and liberal ideology.

In recent years, there have been movements for various groups to walk away from the Democrats and the political Left, such as “Blexit” — short for “Black exit” — which calls for African Americans to leave the Democratic Party.

There was also the “Walk Away” movement, consisting of liberal-leaning voters who have left the Democrats due to their increasingly divisive rhetoric.

Now, there is a website called “Caxit” that calls for Catholics to abandon the Democratic Party.

Church Militant reached out to Dori Belmonte, the person behind Caxit, and asked about the purpose of the site. She said that, in addition to encouraging Catholics to leave the Democratic Party, she also has intentions to “give a voice to conservative Catholic parishioners and priests who experience prejudice from the liberal Church hierarchy” and to “shed light on how liberal ideologies have poisoned the Catholic Church from within.”

On the future of the Caxit website, Belmonte said she imagines it might become something like a “virtual DRE” (director of religious education) that would help conservative-minded Catholics around the country “build activities and events” in their local area.

In a YouTube video shared on the Caxit site, Belmonte says, “There is prejudice in the Catholic Church against conservatives … and it’s destroying the Church.”

She speaks of a “liberal ideology that is poisoning the Catholic Church,” adding, “The Church needs to come out of the Democratic Party.”

In the video, she alludes to Jesus’ parable of the wheat and the weeds. She opines that the Democratic Party is becoming “more and more” like the weeds, while the Republican Party is becoming like the wheat.

Belmonte claims the Democratic Party supports policies that are “against the teachings of God.” She points to the Democrats’ positions on abortion and infanticide as well as other political issues like illegal immigration and human trafficking.

She believes that the Republican Party’s platform is closely aligned with Catholics’ political interests because it is “the party of family values, pro-life, the rule of law.”

With President Donald Trump’s election, Belmonte says in the video, the Democrats could no longer call themselves the party of the underdogs and the common man.

If the Church can break ties with liberal ideology, Belmonte argues, “we can restore our churches to their former glory and make them strong once again.”

Belmonte also noted that many well-meaning priests are “living in fear” that standing up for the Faith might hurt their parish financially.

She also speaks about the importance of “chastity education,” saying it can help counter both the scourge of abortion and the clerical sex abuse scandal.

In another YouTube video, Belmonte talks more about the persecution that faithful priests are experiencing from their own bishops.

“These bishops that are liberal,” she remarked, “are keeping the conservative clergy away from the conservative parishioners, who are dying to hear what they have to say, who are dying to have sacred liturgies and be able to worship in a way that they feel is reverent and holy.”

At one point in the video, she apparently alludes to the case of Fr. Edwin Dwyer in the diocese of Saginaw. Father Dwyer was removed from his parish earlier this year after a vocal minority of parishioners complained about the way he offered Mass with traditional elements.

The Caxit site has a list of “Favorite Websites.” Church Militant is included on the list.

Belmonte told Church Militant that she has a master’s degree in theology from the John Paul II Institute in Washington, D.C., and has “worked in church ministry for 12 years.”


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EDITORS NOTE: This Church Militant column with videos is republished with permission.

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  1. Royal A Brown III
    Royal A Brown III says:

    Way overdo – why did Catholics vote 51% in favor of Obama and Clinton knowing they didn’t have a problem with late term partial birth abortions? Why do they support illegal immigration – in fact Catholic Charities made big $ from Obama Admin bringing in unvetted Muslims from Islamic terrorist countries. Time for Catholics to wake up and realize that they are “Infidels” in the eyes of Islam and only worthy to be killed or made into slaves !!!!


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