VIDEO: Election Theft — Voter Fraud — Judicial Injustice

At the Sarasota Patriots for Trump monthly forum the guest speaker was Mark Adams. The title of his presentation was “Election Theft – Voter Fraud – Judicial Injustice.”

Please watch:


Mark Adams has a law degree and an MBA, and practiced law in Florida. In 2006, Mark won the first and only injunctions getting a third party candidate into televised debates. Mark has also handled more Congressional election contests than any other attorney, and unlike the other attorneys who have handled election contests, Mark gathered proof that the election results were manipulated in 2006 and 2008. Mark has also exposed corruption in our judicial system.

Mark discusses solutions to these very critical issues. Mark has done extensive research on the Framers, the Constitutional provisions that they thought would ensure liberty and justice, and how the Constitution has been subverted in order to allow our country to be pillaged and our liberty to be stolen. Mark will explain the fundamental rights which were supposed to enable us to maintain a Constitutional Republican government which was controlled by the people and how those fundamental rights have been stolen.


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