The Chronology of Treason: The 2020 Election — Marxism vs. Trump [Video]

The special counsel investigation that was convened to look into Trump/Russia collusion has concluded and its report submitted to the Attorney General. Special Counsel Robert Muller did not recommend any further indictments—there was no criminal collusion. Robert Muller completed his investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. President Trump is clean as a vestal—he had never been in Putin’s pocket and never betrayed his country. But I am not satisfied to leave it there, because Russian collusion existed in reality. It took place between Russia and the DNC leadership for years. Moreover, it was more than just collusion—it was a conspiracy of Russia and the DNC against the American Republic. Those in DNC leadership manufactured false, sensational accusations against Trump to cover up the crimes which they had committed.

Offence is the best defense—this was the slogan and policy of the Soviet apparatchiks taught by Stalin. Never admit guilt to the crime committed, but accuse the opposition of that exact crime. We, the former Soviet citizens, know the policy very well, having watched it for many years. This policy helped the Soviet system to survive for a hundred years, and under Putin’s leadership the current apparatchiks are flourishing in Russia today. Yes, nothing substantial has changed in Russia. The KGB is still running the country with a crony capitalism instead of failed socialism. That’s it. The agenda is still the same—One World Socialist Government Under Kremlin’s Rule and for Putin to be President of the world…

We are dealing with a long-term conspiracy, I have reported the essence of it for the last three years. It was a typical Socialist criminalization of politics and opposition, aimed at bringing down President Trump. Here are my words, published in this magazine:

“And today the Russian meddling with the 2016 election and accusation of Trump/Russia collusion, is the KGB’s maneuvering trick to cover-up their real collaboration with the Democrat Party for decades due to the Republican Party’s complete ignorance pertaining to Russia.” Origin of the Washington Spy Ring and the Swamp, March, 31, 2018.

The spin off investigations that are going on in New York have nothing to do with Russia collusion and will have the same end. As I have already informed you, Michael Cohen is speaking under the supervision of his lawyer Lanny Davis, a prominent member of Clinton’s Mafia—an integral and major chunk of the DNC leadership, manufacturing and instigating the entire case. The accusation of President Trump has been deliberately constructed to divert and distract your attention from the real criminals. The real huge scandal in American history is only unraveling now—the first Socialist Mafia attempt to take over the US Government has failed. It should be followed by a full-fledged criminal investigation of the Deep State, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton. Look at what I wrote in this magazine in conclusion of my column Failed American Intelligence, August 1, 2018:


First: Anti-Trump “criminal cabal” was manufactured and organized by Russian Intel through Democrats’ leadership and the Clinton Mafia.

Second: Anti-Trump “criminal cabal” consists of two groups: the leadership of the Deep State and the leadership of the Clinton Mafia. Today, Rod J. Rosenstein of the DOJ is the connective link between the two groups.

Third: Anti-Trump “criminal cabal” is run by three individuals: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Vladimir Putin. These three have been working together for decades.

Fourth: Investigation of this huge case of international espionage and treason requires deep knowledge of Russia and its Intel. The current FBI Director, Christopher Wray did not read my books, he doesn’t know that it took Stalin twenty-nine years to create and establish the Chinese Communist State. The structure, agenda, and ideology were identical in Russia and China. Both two National Intelligence Agencies executed the same strategy, tactics, methods, and tricks as a hand in glove working against Western civilization! Knowledge Is Power! Knowledge of Russia and its Intel is a MUST!

As you can see, I was listing the major actors of that American tragedy then, in August 1, 2018. Yet, there are more real agents of Vladimir Putin in America. It is time To Be Vigilant. Knowledge of Russia and its Intelligence has been my refrain in writings for several decades and I’ll repeat it again today… Alas! As I mentioned above neither our Intelligence agencies nor the vast majority of politicians, especially the Dems have the needed information and knowledge about both the Russian political agenda and the Russian Intelligence Apparatuses that executed this agenda. Unfortunately, my books have been banned to deprive people of obtaining the needed data, hence I will try to provide you with my opinion of how we got here…  As a matter of fact, to allege a crime against an individual, the authority must have the knowledge and information to prove crime. The Special Counsel Robert Mueller either doesn’t not have that knowledge or he was reluctant to investigate the Dems …

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The Voices of Soviet Socialism in America

Socialist/Communist ideology is a very persistent one, because its existence depends on the activists’ tenacity fighting capitalism daily. They will never stop until the ideology is exposed, prosecuted, defeated, and convicted, as Larry Kudlow has suggested. Former President Barack Obama didn’t hide his agenda to transform our country to centralized Socialism with no accountability. He worked endlessly, his entire presidency was aimed at tearing apart our economic system: from Obamacare to attacking permanently Fox News and the capitalist economic system itself. The question is, where did the idea to destroy America come from? I have written four books and many columns answering that question and giving a solution, but Socialism doesn’t tolerate the truth and my writings banned. Yet, nothing can stop me from exposing this enemy of humanity and I’ll continue doing that now …

As you know the Marxist idea was only a theory. The real idea of Socialism came with the victory of Socialist Revolution in Russia, and hence we have only Soviet Socialism in reality. And that exact idea of Soviet Socialism was articulated later for America and brought into action by the KGB Chairman, Yuri Andropov in 1969. His idea was a simple one—destroy the American Republic from within…

I have written about Yuri Andropov for many years: his tenure coincides with my time working within the legal community in the USSR, I know him well. He was a real Socialist-ideologue, Stalin’s devoted disciple, who had solidified the Socialist/Communist ideology with the ruthless force of the KGB. I have mentioned the year 1969 for a reason—this was a year when Bill Clinton was being recruited. The details of the event was described in my books and in particular in a column of this magazine: Revelation, April 26, 2018. The massive infiltration of the KGB operatives into our social structure, the courts, and government was thereafter begun and has never stopped…

The building of different groups under the umbrella of Socialism has also never stopped—the infiltrated KGB operatives knew the job: Western civilization suffered from their activities for many decades and especially after Eastern Europe became under the Warsaw Pact: mass infiltration of the KGB political operatives created Socialist mafia there… Using the term KGB, I mean the entire Russian Intelligence Service–a collective image of several Intel agencies. Those three letters are familiar to the vast majority of Americans and they really represent the Soviet Gestapo, the mighty vehicle of dispersing globally the ideology of Soviet Socialism.

To identify voices of Soviet Socialism in America you have to know Andropov’s Operation Barbarossa against the American Republic. Yes, the politics to take over power and change the foundation of our unique political system designed by Founding Fathers was actively begun in 1969. It is a quite a complicated design, involving simultaneous infiltration into our government and social institutions: The FBI, The CIA, other Intel agencies, the Media, and businesses. The most important strategy and methods of the infiltration are to do it by inflaming the issues of race and religion.

The Distraction of Inflaming Race and Religion

In my column of this magazine Warning: The Rise of Anti-Semitism Signals a Global Disease, March 12, 2019, I gave you a portrait of Andropov and his statements about Muslims, Jews, and his attacks on Israel. I also identified the time when the infiltration into Islam by the Stalinist Intel had started–It was 1949. Stalin recognized a unique resemblance between Islam and Soviet Socialism—both have a totalitarian nature. He planned to use Islam in his design creating One World Socialist Government under Kremlin’s Rule. The infiltration and inculcation of Islam was started then in 1949, what you see today is the result…

The ideology of Islamism interprets the word Islam (which means “submission”) quite literally, requiring that every person either submit to Sharia (religious law) or die.  Islamism is a religious and political movement within Islam, based on certain literal interpretations of the Quran. Islamism is largely political in nature—Islamists are interested in territorial conquest. Some Islamists believe that the best way to do this is by revolution or invasion. Islamism is conforming the world through terror and state power. If you compare the ideology of Socialism/Communism with Islamism, you will find a striking resemblance—both have totalitarian essence and nature. Being brought up within a Muslim region, Stalin was the first person using that unity of human characters and politics in his design. I discussed the subject and the threat of Anti-Semitism in this e-magazine, March 12, 2019.

I talk about this unity in my books and columns, because the unity constitutes a united front, fighting Western civilization and the American Republic. As Islamists and Socialists believe that the best way to do harm is by revolution or invasion, a current Oligarchic-Crony Capitalist Vladimir Putin used this unified force and organized massive Muslin invasion to Europe through Turkish mafia, a couple of years ago. Don’t be surprised by a very-well organized invasion by “Caravans” to our Southern borders—we are dealing with the same enemy.

So, this devoted disciple of Stalin, Andropov, and his project Operation Barbarossa, began the war against the West, I named WW III: Recruitment and Infiltration, Drugs and Assassinations. Knowing all of that today, you can easily identify voices of Soviet Socialism, which are sabotaging and tearing down the unique political system left to us by our Founding Fathers… Yes, it has started in 1969, when Bill Clinton was recruited and the building of Socialist mafia in America has begun. The first American Manchurian President in cahoots with the KGB has doubled the size of the Socialist mafia, infiltrating the Media, courts, and government…

The second American Manchurian President doubled the infiltration of the ideology. It further has infiltrated the American Congress: You saw the events pertaining to Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib. They are using our freedom and liberty to subvert both, talking about White Nationalism as a threat to humanity. Just listening to their statements will convince you who you are dealing with—they are advocating both Islamism and Socialism to fight Capitalism. For your information the KGB feels free acting in America and they manufactured another group to fight Capitalism, aiming at President Trump—now it is the White Supremacists.

President Trump is right: “White nationalism is not a rising threat to humanity.” It is Soviet Socialism that is threatening humanity! The ideology is alive and well—it is threatening the entire world as it has been spread by the KGB globally and especially to our country. To grasp it, here is an example:

It was Andropov’s idea to invent a “control opposition.” The KGB had practiced it in Russia for many years. It is very simple to achieve, just infiltrate the opposition with a couple of people, promote them to the leadership and act the way beneficial for your initial design. That exact move to create White Nationalism was realized and implanted in America. The result you saw in August 2017, in Unite the Right, the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Nazi slogans and violence at the march was manufactured in the best traditions of the KGB.  BBC commenting by the following: “Aug 13, 2017 – The deadly violence on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, comes at a time of a dramatic rise in prominence of far-right movements in the US. The election of Donald Trump to the White House has been cited as a factor in the re-energizing of activists …”

It was clear to me that the entire event of violent white-supremacy was manufactured by the anti-Trump “criminal cabal” run by the Clinton/KGB mafia. Terry McAuliffe was governor there and his deal with McCabe is known in its monitory aspect. Yet, it was more than only that—McAuliffe was a Clinton long-term lieutenant.  This event is also known to the McAuliffe’s staff— staff involvement was needed, as the preparations to organize the “control opposition” takes time. For your information—this exact staff is working now under a new Governor of Virginia. If investigated professionally, we can find McCabe as a link in a long chain of criminal activities within the Democrat Party.

A year ago, I reacted on the same protest in Charlottesville, writing the column, describing how it was orchestrated and enflamed by the members of the Clinton mafia, Terry McAuliffe, a Governor of the state in cahoots with Andrew McCabe. I knew well the members of Clinton’s mafia and their cooperation with the KGB. While President Trump was signing an American spending bill for 1.3 trillion for this year; I would say that half of the money was caused by the Russian criminal activities and a spectacular failure of our Intel.

The Ideological War Between the Parties

Who and when do you think started the Witch Hunt against Trump? It was a Witch Hunt and now that Robert Mueller has released his report, you are witnessing a real war between the Dems and Republicans. The Dems don’t accept the report: Rep. Adam Shiff and Jerry Nadler will never stop their investigations trying to prove a connection of Trump’s people with Russia… and this very expensive fishing expedition will go on endlessly—remember, offence is the best defense for Soviet Socialists. I have my personal opinion on the subject: The Witch Hunt started with the Trump/Dossier produced by the KGB and I immediately reacted by expressing my opinion.

Russian Dossier on Trump

While watching the so-called Trump/Dossier document, it did not take me even ten seconds to realize that it was Russian “fallshivka,” a fraud in front of me. Everything in the Dossier exposed the KGB’s handwriting: an arrogant manner of presentation, method, character with an aggressive and salacious tone to denigrate President Trump, the Republican Party, and to influence American opinion. It was a vivid picture of incredible dirt on Trump, a typical Stalin’s legacy of demonizing and attacking the opposition leader, used often by the KGB. Yet, none of the officials or politicians mentioned nor indicated the presence of the KGB on American soil. I was stunned—our Intel did not know the real Russia and its KGB and Democrats have continued their war against Republicans. Read my analyses of the Trump/Dossier: The Global Spy Ring, January 1, 2018

When I saw the Trump/Dossier in 2017, it took me only a couple of seconds to recognize a Russian Fallshivka—a fraud and typical KGB fake production. I reacted to the Dossier immediately, writing and analyzing my impression. I can repeat my conclusion testifying under the oath or to the lie detector. The word Dossier is coming from Napoleonic Code of the Russian Law. Any former Soviet citizens will recognized the Trump/Dossier at once as a KGB production.

Our contemporary media has also been shaped by the Clinton/KGB conspiracy; inculcated and politicized, according to Andropov’s strategy to fight the opposition with several institutions at once like the Soviets accomplished in Europe. We saw it in a well-organized, coordinated anti-Trump media-campaign—a dominant political force, designed by Andropov. Don’t be surprised by the cascade of protests and well-speaking agitators there, also organized by the Dems. An example: The $150 paid by Robert Creamer to every thug that participated in the election 2016 campaign violence against Trump. You saw a lot of well-prepared political agitators in those protests—Andropov knew well all the tools and methods of Soviet Socialism. Here is the media example:

Andropov desired to make the American media a major political force. Just judge for yourself and take the CNN show The Most Powerful Man in the World, by GPS, March 26, 2016. Commenting the history of the Soviet Union’s Collapse, the anchor stated the following: “The institutions like the KGB simply ceased to exist.” I couldn’t believe my ears. It was said in 2016. For such a statement the CNN deserved to lose its license, but Fareed Zecharia is still poisoning the air and space. Or how do you like this: “Michael Moore blasted President Trump on Tuesday, calling the commander in chief a “Russian traitor” while urging him to “vacate” the White House. Those two from the media are deserved each other, they will soon learn the lesson of the defamation cases of the Covington Christian School Students…

Correct This Socialist Wrong Against the America Republic

I was talking about treason for many years and you can read it in my book Socialist Lies: from Stalin to the Clintons, Obamas, and Sanders, Xlibris, 2016. Today, I am not alone. Speaking to Fox News host Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck discussed the changing face of the Democratic Party since the 2018 midterms and the rise of Trump. I can add that the changes within the Democrat Party had begun 3-4 decades ago and my books and columns are showing how and who perpetrated those changes. Yet, in general I agree with Glenn Beck.

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck believes that if President Donald Trump is not re-elected in 2020, it could be the “end of the country as we know it” due to the rise of radicalism and socialism in the Democratic Party. He is correct in my opinion, and I have been writing about it for decades. I would add the words of my dear President: “It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.” – Ronald Reagan. I am sharing my experiences with you for this exact reason.

The Dems in cahoots with the KGB have subjected our country and the American public to a hell by their anti-Trump activities for 675 days. Contrary to their predictions Trump did not coordinate with Russia to obstruct 2016 election, the Dems’ leadership definitely did. Millions of tax- payers money has been sunk in the sand of incompetence and betrayal, tons of human energy wasted, the name and reputation of the President and his family mocked with incredible dirt by the Media for 675 days! It is quadruple the Watergate scandal! The American people deserve to know the Truth! If the clean security apparatus investigate professionally the factual data, we will get to the bottom and find the Truth!

Who to hold accountable is the question of these shameful 675 days. How we got to a Special Counsel in the first place. My suggestion is to read my books and columns and clean Andropov’s legacy:

  1. Many events during the Clinton administration should be intensely investigated, as well as Clinton’s past and his close friends: George Stephanopoulos, John Podesta, Tony Podesta, Terry McAuliffe, and Sidney Blumenthal. Just be aware of their past and present activities in serving Clinton’s mafia in America and around the world.
  2. The Obama Deep State had politicized and weaponized the entire our security apparatus. The Andropov legacy should be researched and exposed, the facts of corruption in the security apparatus learned, prosecuted, and eradicated. The quadruple Watergate case of the crime against the American Republic by the Dems should be solved, the guilty people indicted and brought to Justice…
  3. For the sake and safety of the American Republic the victims of the crime should be compensated morally and financially for the incredible injustice to them, they suffered enormously for last decades, including myself. The member of the FBI, who submitted my name to the FISA Court in 2002, has to be acknowledged. By banning my writings, this official committed a crime and belongs to the “criminal cabal” described by me. The Truth should prevail in America!

My fellow Americans! God gave us this last chance to save our county—President Donald J. Trump! Don’t allow Dems’ Soviet Socialism to take over the American Republic. Now you can recognize the Trojan Horse Bernie, AOC, Beto, other Soviet Socialists, and their leader Tom Perez. They are lying, fooling and deceiving you for decades. The Mueller Report has confirmed that. Be vigilant! Fight the ideology of Soviet Socialism and save the legacy of our Founding Fathers and the American Republic!

Knowledge is Power! Good Luck my beloved America the Beautiful!

I’d like to give you a poem, written by a dear friend:

The End of America?

The people all rejoiced

When they told Trump, “You’re fired”

The Socialists then took over

And with the Russians they conspired


“Let’s make everyone equal”

As they redistributed wealth

Nationalized production

Free education and health


But soon all supplies dried up

No money, food or stuff

The government couldn’t fix it

The people had enough


They longed for the good old days

When the economy worked just fine

They wanted America great again

They left socialism behind

To be continued or at

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