U.S. Senate Votes on Green New Deal: Not a Single Senator Voted For It!

VIDEO: Senate fails to break filibuster to begin debate on Green New Deal – Fox News:

Florida Senator Marco Rubio issued the following statement on the Green New Deal vote in the U.S. Senate:

After ceremoniously introducing the Green New Deal, and all but canonizing it as a historic policy proposal, not one single Senator supported the measure, and 43 Senate Democrats today voted “Present.” U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) issued the following statement regarding the vote:

“Today’s vote makes clear that even the Green New Deal’s proponents agree that it is not a serious policy effort. Instead, it is a publicity stunt designed to pander to a progressive base seeking to repackage socialism that will do nothing to address the actual problems Americans face every day. The Green New Deal makes for a great slogan, but it is a fundamentally unserious proposal. If actually implemented, it would bankrupt our nation and leave our communities more vulnerable. That cannot, and will not, be the future of America.”


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