Reflections on the Christchurch Massacre [+Video]

To begin, let me say that any person regardless of race, religion, or ethnic group who walks into a house of worship were worshippers have gathered together to worship what ever they are worshipping, and regardless of whatever race, religion, or ethnic group the worshippers belong to, and opens up fire with the intent to kill as many people as he can,  like shooting toads in a barrel, that person is a coward, and is the scum of the earth–or total nut case.

But, just as evil is the person who shoots up a nightclub during peak hours with the intent to kill as many as possible . . . just because he doesn’t approve of the skin color, accent, or sexual orientations of those inside.

Just as evil is the person who throws a Molotov cocktail, grenade, or other explosive device into a house of worship with the intent to kill as many worshippers as possible, just because those worshippers aren’t Muslims, or if Muslim don’t belong to the right brand of Islam.

Just as evil is the person who waits just outside an Ariana Grande concert with an automatic weapon so as to kill as many concert goers as he can when they exit the concert, because he knows that the concert goers are young girls and this was part of a wider-scale plot to reduce the target country’s potential breeding population.

Obviously, what is needed at this point in the aftermath of the Christchurch massacre, is to allow sanity and realism to prevail.

On one level, the New Zealand shooter was right.  We are in the midst of a war.  This is a war that Islam has declared on us based on verses in the Qur’an and ahadeeth that are so numerous I could spend the next ten pages quoting them.  The only problem with this war is that the West has failed to recognize that fact.  But, the New Zealand shooter was wrong in the method he choose to fight this war.

Our war is not against individual Muslims as people, it is against the ideology of Islam which is something completely different.  Rather than killing innocent worshippers in a mosque (and giving ammunition to the enemies of Western Civilization), this war must be fought in the minds of the Muslims themselves.  And, the bullets and the bombs must be the reality of their own scriptures quoted back at them, and not real bullets and bombs.  For a preview of what these “bullets” and “bombs” might look like, read the Islam section of my book, and/or the “Blogging the Qur’an” section of my website.

For some interesting insights on the possible motives of the Christchurch shooter, click on Brad Johnson’s video interview posted on


Radical Islamists and the hard Leftists in the West have been trying for years to silence any and all intellectual and academic discussion of Islamic texts that promote jihad and acts of terror.  The actions of the New Zealand shooter have played right into their hands.

The term used by Islamists and Leftists to stigmatize all those who offer intellectual, scriptural, and/or academic criticism of the Islamic texts that promote jihad and violence against “the other” is “Islamophobia.”  This termed was coined by the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) which dominates the UN general assembly in imitation of the American Left’s successful usage of the “Homophobia” term to demonize anyone who opposed “gay rights.”

The OIC has used the “Islamophobia” label to get the UN general assembly to okay the condemnation of anyone practicing “Islamophobia” but they have failed so far to get all the member nations to enact “Islamophobia” laws in their own countries.  The Christchurch massacre has given Islamists the world over the perfect tool for accomplishing that goal.  The Islamists and the Leftist have skillfully lumped those engaging in legitimate academic critiquing of Islamic texts in with the nut cases like the piece of detritus that opened up fire on Mosque worshippers in New Zealand.

On the Islamic side, everyone from the state-level OIC down to the terrorist group level such as the Muslim Brotherhood (declared a terrorist group by six countries) and its front groups in the U.S. such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) (declared a terrorist group by the U.A.E. for its deleterious effect on U.S. policies) have jumped on board to exploit the New Zealand tragedy to further their agenda to silence any and all criticism and critiquing of Islam and/or any Islamic “sacred” texts.  In short, to kill the U.S. First Amendment.

That will give the Islamists a free hand to accomplish their goal to “eliminate and destroy the Western civil society and culture from within and to destroy their haughty house by their own hands and the hands of the believers in order to complete their removal so that Allah’s religion shall be over all religion” (from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Explanatory Memorandum for the general strategic goal of the group in North America. p. 4 of the Arabic original which was seized in an FBI raid of a Virginia safe house in 2004, the English translation of which was used in the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008).  

Another trick that the Islamists and the Leftists skillfully pull is to lump any sort of intellectual, academic, or textual critiquing of Islam with hatred of all Muslims.  That is what the term “Islamophobia” does for them.  Unfortunately our media and political classes are ignorant enough of the issues involved to fall for that.

In countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, people are routinely killed for doing just that.  Even in Egypt intellectuals have been killed for academically critiquing Islam.  More recently, others have been put in prison.  A high profile case of a couple of years ago illustrates the problem:

An Egyptian TV talk show host named Dr. Islam al-Beheri, who himself is a doctoral graduate in Islamic law from Egypt’s al-Azhar university (the closest thing Sunni Islam has to a Vatican) hosted a show dedicated to talking about Islam and issues related to Islam.  Becoming alarmed at the rise of ISIS and the increasing frequency of Islamic terrorist acts in Europe and elsewhere, he began calling for a reformation of Islam.  In his diatribes he began condemning the books of ahadeeth (supposed sacred sayings of Muhammad not a part of the Qur’an), as well as the sunna (traditions of everything that Muhammad supposedly did and said–also considered sacred), and the sira (the biography of Muhammad, how we can know of all the things Muhammad did and said that good Muslims should follow according to Qur’an 33:21).

All of these works were composed 100-300 years after the death of Muhammad, so Dr. al-Beheri thought he would be on safe ground by stimulating discussion on the possibility of desanctifying all of these works except for the Qur’an.  Indeed, President as-Sisi himself had said much the same thing in his own calls for an Islamic reformation.  Well, though al-Azhar couldn’t charge the president, private citizen Dr. Islam al-Beheri had no such protection.  The Shaykhs of al-Azhar hauled him into court and had him sentenced to prison for five years for the crime of isa’at al-islam (insulting or denigrating Islam).

Fortunately President as-Sisi had his sentence commuted after a few months in the slammer.  Dr. al-Beheri is a free man now and has started up a new TV show called “Free Islam.”

But, don’t think for a moment that the international state-level OIC, the governments of countries like Iran, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, and groups like the international Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups in the U.S.A. like CAIR and its allies wouldn’t just love to be able to impose those sorts of laws on us here in the West.  That is exactly why the Islamists at all levels are playing this Christchurch massacre for all it is worth.  It was manna from heaven for them.

The crime of “insulting Islam” is closely related to the crime of “slander” in Islamic jurisprudence.  “Slander” in Islamic jurisprudence is saying anything to a Muslim, or about a Muslim, that he (or she) would not like–even if what is said is true.  This, would, of course include any comment about his/her religion–even if true–that the Muslim would not like.  This definition (along with more details) is presented by the Shafa’i scholar Ahmad ibn Naqib al-Masri in his classic book on Islamic Jurisprudence ‘umdat as-salik, pp. 730-732 along with quotes from Muhammad himself as related by several of the ahadeeth. 

To put all this together, what this means is that any non-Muslim who says anything, I mean anything, about Islam that any Muslim does not like–even if it is true–that person has committed slander against the Muslim, and has also “insulted Islam.”  These are only a few examples of Islamic jurisprudence, or shari’a, that the Islamists are itching to have imposed upon the West.  In Islamic countries these “crimes” (even when committed by a fellow Muslim) earn the person anything from five years in prison to death, depending upon the country.

Incidents like the Christchurch massacre do nothing except aid the Islamists in this endeavor.  Meanwhile the entire Left in America, from the DNC and its leading politicians down to its low-life base of “Antifa,” and “BLM,” are only too quick to assist this effort by lumping everyone who opposes jihad mass murder and Shari’a oppression into the category of “far right extremists” and placing them in the same basket as the KKK and Aryan Nation.


The media in the west has long been known for its biased reporting with regards to domestic politics, but what is really tragic is their rank double standards when it comes to reporting on any event or incident in which Muslims are the victims verse their coverage of similar acts when Christians are the victims.

Christian houses of worship are routinely bombed and shot up with worshippers inside on an almost weekly basis clear across the continent of Africa (including in pro-West Egypt), and South Asia from Pakistan to the Philippines.   These events are barely mentioned in our media, if at all.  It is as if our media and political classes believe that Christians living in those countries deserve to be killed, just for being there–even though in many cases they were there long before Islam arrived.  Egyptian Copts, for example, go back several thousands of years before the imposition of Islam over their daily affairs.  And, yet, they, the descendents of the pyramid builders, are being slaughtered like sacrificial lambs in their own homeland.  Where is our beloved media on that?

In fact, anyone who does dare to report on those atrocities against Christians, such as Robert Spencer does on his, is branded as a “racist,” and “bigot,” and, yes, as an “Islamophobe.”

Yet, when a white European type shoots up a couple of mosques like the Christchurch moron did, all hell breaks out.  You never hear the end of faux lamentations, and the linking of everyone to the right of Karl Marx (including President Trump and all those who voted for him) with the horrendous deed.

Don’t you just love the hypocrisy of it all?

And so, the big push to silence any sort of criticism of Islamic texts, persons, or practices is on full speed ahead, and is being aided “by their own hands,” thanks to the idiocy of the Left.  This is why I think it appropriate to conclude with a quote from Robert Spencer’s recent posting on the Christchurch incident on

“If and when we are all silenced, however, the jihad will not stop.  The multicultural paradise will not dawn on the planet; in fact, there will be more jihad violence and strife than ever.  There just won’t be anyone around who dares to oppose it.”

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