Hot Energy & Environmental News: Trump right on Wind Turbine Noise Causes Cancer, The Green New Deal & More…

Our latest edition of: Energy and Environmental Newsletter is now online.

President Trump caused quite a stir in a recent speech when he said that wind turbine noise could cause cancer. Of course the press immediately attacked him as being ignorant, dishonest, anti-wind, etc.  Since I wasn’t sure about the facts, I decided to look into it and to talk to some experts. The conclusion is that there is good scientific evidence that he is right! (Note: any competent, honest journalist could have found what I discovered online.)

Since there is such a diversity of interesting newsworthy articles, I’m subdividing them into several categories:

Energy —

The “New Energy Economy”: An Exercise in Magical Thinking

Global Warming (AGW) —

The Slow Walk to Silent Surrender

Misc (Education, Science, etc.) —

Why I Don’t “Believe” in “Science”

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