The Democrat Socialist Party’s Road to a Serious Racial Divide in America

Almost every Democrat Socialist seeking the Presidential nomination and their left media supporters say President Trump is a racist. No one specifies what makes him a racist. So perhaps I can list it for them:

  • Is he a racist because he is responsible for passing legislation reducing jail sentences mostly affecting Blacks and Latinos for non violent crimes giving them a second chance?
  • Is he a racist for trying to protect America’s Southern border from illegals entering the country including criminals or the smuggling in of narcotics or sex slaves?
  • Is he a racist  for pressing Congress to pass sensible immigration laws?
  • Is he a racist for supporting the work of ICE who protect innocent Americans from illegal criminals?
  • Is he a racist for supporting the police and law and order?
  • Is he a racist for objecting to the dismissal of all charges by a Chicago prosecutor against Jussie Smollett after a 16 count grand jury indictment?
  • Is he a racist because he has reduced unemployment for Blacks and Latinos to record lows and has allowed millions to reject food stamps in favor of work?

Where is the evidence that President Trump is a Racist?

No American President has ever been labelled a racist by so many adversarial politicians or their liberal media without a basis in fact. The Democratic Socialists along with their left media decided if they don’t agree with the President’s agenda he must be a racist.

Not only have the Democratic Socialists and their media labelled Trump a racist but by extension they are labeling over 60 million American Trump supporters, all ‘deplorable’s’, as racists as well. That’s a lot of racists.

Clearly the Democrat Socialists are engaging in the worse kind of identity and racial politics.

They are convincing millions of Blacks and Latinos that they are victims of White racists who make up a large majority of Trump supporters. If they are trying to create a serious racial divide between people of color and Whites they are well on the way to achieving their goal.

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