Top Ten State Sponsors of Terrorism

The criteria used for making these selections were:

  • Does the country actually operate terrorist groups in the territory of other countries?
  • Does the country finance 3rd party terrorist groups operating in the territory of other countries and/or provide military equipment and/or training to said terrorist groups.
  • Does the country support other known state sponsors of terrorism either through the sale  of weapons to them, the sending of cash, and/or providing military protection for said state sponsors of terrorism.
  • Does the country provide diplomatic cover for other state sponsors of terrorism.
  • Does the government of said country allow international terrorist groups to recruit freely within its borders and/or allow the front groups of known terrorist groups to collect donations which are sent to 3rd party countries for terrorist acts there.

Using this criteria, the first three selections were rather obvious, and easy.  Numbers 4 through 10 were much more difficult and perhaps interchangeable. But with all of this in mind, here is the list as of April 2019.


Turkey.  Turkey served as the incubator for ISIS, then once they had launched ISIS into action in neighboring Iraq, and then Syria, they continued to help finance it by selling its stolen oil on the black market, and by providing transportation to jihadi wannabes from all over the world to facilitate their joining up with ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

Turkey provided medical care for wounded ISIS fighters, including its chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  Turkey also smuggled al-Baghdadi into Libya where he would be safe from allied attacks.

Turkey continues to arm ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Muslim Brotherhood militias in Libya, and has formed its own militias composed of ISIS, al-Qaeda, and Muslim Brotherhood personnel with which to ethnic cleanse portions of northern Syrian.  Turkey remains as one of the primary supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood international.

Egyptian sources claim that ISIS’s stolen millions are safely stashed in Turkish banks.

The Turkish fascist Grey Wolves terrorist group, once outlawed by the Turkish state,

and which tried to assassinate Pope John Paul, is now a part of Turkish mainstream, and a favorite group of Erdogan.  In addition to harassing and terrorizing minorities inside Turkey itself,  Turkey has established numerous cells and franchises of this group all over the world.  In Germany and other West European countries, the Grey Wolves have enough clout, through the threat of violence, etc., to hold Europe nearly hostage to Erdogan’s whims.

Turkey also supports the Maduro regime in Venezueala which has become a chief transit point for Middle Eastern terrorists to enter the new world, interface with Latin drug cartels, and smuggle personnel, drugs, and God knows what else, into the United States.

#2 – IRAN

Some would place Iran in the top slot based on the sheer volume of terrorist activities it supports.  But, I felt that Turkey edged Iran out of first place due primarily to its extensive involvement with ISIS, the most vile terrorist entity in history.  Iran, nonetheless has an impressive record in its own right.

Iran’s own Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp (IRGC) conducts terrorist activities in Iraq and Syria, and via its al-quds (Jerusalem) brigade, it trains numerous other terrorist groups, including Hamas and Hezbollah and is active across the globe.

Iran and/or its IRGC and al-quds units have staged bombings in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Iran also operates terrorist training camps in the Tri-border region of South America, and is one of the leading rogue nations that supports the failed Maduro regime in Venezuela, which Iran then uses as a funnel for launching terrorist personnel towards the United States.

Iran supports far leftist and revolutionary entities across Latin American, and in Europe as well–not to mention the U.S. Democrat Party since the 1990s.  Iranian money aided Spain’s Marxist podemos party to win seats in Spain’s parliament.  Podemos used the slogan si se puede to gain supporters.  The literal translation of si se puede is “it can be done,” but is usually translated as “Yes we can.”

This was the slogan used by the mass murderer Che Chevara, and by the Democrat candidate for the U.S. presidency in 2008, Barack Obama.

Shi’a Iran coordinated with Sunni terrorist group al-Qaeda in the run-up to 9/11, and has since maintained a close working relationship with it.  For example, Iran has allowed, and still allows, al-Qaeda to use its training camps in South America where Hezbollah also trains.

#3 – QATAR

This tiny natural gas rich country not only is a close ally of the top two state sponsors of terrorism above, but has earned impressive credentials of its own.

Qatar is the primary state financial supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood International.

Qatar also finances and arms al-Qaeda and other MB spin off groups in several countries, chiefly Syria and Libya.

Qatar is paying Tariq Ramadhan 35,000 Euros per month.   Who is Tariq Ramadhan, and why is this important?  Tariq Ramadhan, who has been under trial in France for sexual harassment and rape, is the grandson of MB founder Hasan al-Banna.  I doubt seriously that Qatar would be paying him that much just out of nostalgia for his grandfather.  He has to be doing a heck of a lot for Qatar and the MB cause.

Qatar flies out-of-region jihadis into Libya to join ISIS, al-Qaeda, and MB groups there.

Egyptian reporting indicates that Qatar’s ministry of defense might be actually training terrorist militias in Libya.

Qatar’s penetration of the American political and media arenas, and its influence over the American political decision-making have prevented that giant from declaring the MB to be a terrorist group, and helps to prevent the United States from taking any action to unravel the ideological and theological underpinnings of terrorism.


This country has made tremendous progress under the Trump regime, moving from the lofty first place it held under the Obama regime (refer to Ch. 15 in Confessions of an (ex) NSA spy for details), down to fourth by 2019.  Unfortunately, much more house cleaning needs to be done.

The United States thus continues to cling to the 4th spot for the following reasons:

  • The U.S. continues to coddle Turkey and Qatar, two of the top three state sponsors of terrorism, by selling weapons to both countries, and refusing to call them out for their own support of international terrorism, thus providing them with diplomatic cover for their activities.
  • The United States also continues to maintain large military bases in both countries which serve as a “shield” protecting these state sponsors of terrorism from any possible military retaliation by any of the countries they are abusing by supporting terrorism in these 3rd party countries.
  • In Syrian and Egyptian quarters, the United States is blamed for Turning Erdogan and the MB loose against the Arab World.  Even with Obama gone, this resentment still holds true after two years of Trump, because of Trump’s apparent encouragement of Erdogan’s conquests of N. Syria, and his lack of action against the MB.
  • The Trump administration also recently sold weapons to the ruling regime of Nigeria some of which are used by the Islamic Fulani tribesmen against minority Christian groups in Nigeria.
  • The U.S. continues to allow dozens of front entities for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood to recruit large fan bases, to propagandize, and to collect funds for use overseas.  These entities are also deeply entrenched in the U.S. political system and exert tremendous pressure to silence free-speech so their activities may go undetected and uninterrupted.

So, while the United States leads the world in fighting the War on Terror with one hand, with its other massive hand it (perhaps unwittingly) continues to ensure that Terrorism will flourish across the face of the planet for a long time to come.

#5 – U.K.

The U.K is still a part of Europe as I write this, but may soon be out.  At any rate, they deserve special attention because it is considered to be the capital of the Muslim Brotherhood International, edging out Turkey and Qatar for that dubious title.

This is based on the absolute freedom of operation that MB members are allowed in the UK, and the vast amount of sums from donations that the MB and its allies are able to collect and use for terrorist purposes in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Huma Abadin’s brother, a high official in the MB, resides in the UK.

The UK also shares in the sins of the EU which are mentioned below.

The UK, like the U.S., is one of the leaders in terms of physically fighting the War on Terror, while at the same time it pursues bone headed policies that guarantee that the planet will be plagued by the cancer of terrorism for may years to come.


The EU coddles and trades with all of the top three state sponsors of terrorism.

The EU has placed itself in a near hostage situation vis-à-vis state sponsor of terrorism number one, Turkey, while also coddling Iran, and continuing to trade with it while sometimes paying lip service to Trump’s call for re-instating the boycott.

As a pseudo hostage to Erdogan, the EU allows the Turkish fascist terrorist group the Grey Wolves to roam freely throughout the continent where they can harass and intimidate Turkish ethnic groups there to support Erdogan policies, collect funds, and pressure European governments to adhere to pro-Erdogan policies.

The EU also allows the MB to operate freely within its member countries, resulting in huge sums flowing from Europe to Middle East terrorist entities.

The EU also tends to take hostile political and diplomatic positions towards any Middle Eastern state that takes measures to halt religious extremism and jihadism.  The EU thus helps to perpetuate the cycles of violence in the Middle East, and in Europe itself.


Lebanon has been taken over by Iran’s puppet terrorist group the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Lebanon itself, has thus become a state sponsor of terrorism–even though the majority of the Lebanese people (primarily the Christian and Sunni elements) are peace-loving, anti-terrorists individuals.


The Pakistani intelligence service has long been divided 50/50 on whether to support the U.S. in the War on Terror, or to be active participants . . . on the side of al-Qaeda, etc.

That ambivalent attitude is pervasive throughout the Pakistani military and government.

As a result, Pakistan has done less than nothing to root out the al-Qaeda and ISIS cells that operate more or less freely in its territory.

Pakistani intelligence entities themselves run terrorist activities in India’s Kashmir province, and in India proper, such as the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Pakistan also allows Balochi tribesmen resident in the SW corner of Pakistan, to conduct terrorist attacks against Iranian interests across the border (not that we should care about that little bit of shenanigans).

#9 – SUDAN

While Sudan does not actually run terrorist operations on the soil of other countries soil (except for one exception to be mentioned shortly), it has always been a safe haven for groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS to set up shop, recruit volunteers, and collect funding.

With neighboring Libya in a state of chaos with over 300 militias operating just across its borders, Sudan could not resist sending its own personnel to operate one or more of these militias.

#10 – RUSSIA

While Russia is the one state most responsible for turning the tide on ISIS in Syria, it, like the U.S., UK, and EU, continues to support terrorism in other ways.

Russia diplomatically supports the number two state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, and sells weapons to it.

Russia has recently added the number one state sponsor  of terrorism to the list with weapons sales to Turkey.  Expect to see more such arms deals in the near future.

Russia also supports the Maduro regime, having sold weapons to it and offered training to its military and security personal so that they can better terrorize the Venezuelan population.  Russia also lends diplomatic support to the Maduro regime allowing it continue to function as a terrorist transit depot.

Russian state institutions have done nothing to reign in Russian Mafia activities, either at home or abroad.  The Russian mafia is now reputed to be the most powerful of crime cartels in Mexico, and thus plays a role in the crime/drugs/terrorism nexus  on the U.S. border.


Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, China, Iraq, Cuba

If I have left anyone’s favorite country off of this list, I apologize for the oversight

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