U.S. Congress Votes to Support Terrorism

In Mid-April 2019 the U.S. Congress voted to cut off funds going to the U.S. support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and United Arab Emirates (UAE)  war efforts in Yemen.

The source of this idiocy is the sophisticated dis-information efforts put out by the Houthi rebels in Yemen, their terrorism supporting Iranian benefactors, the terrorism-supporting Wahhabi/Muslim Brotherhood regime in Qatar, and its propaganda organ Al-Jazeera.

You see, the Houthis and their supporters have learned well from the HAMAS experience vis-à-vis Israel.  Hamas likes to place its ammunition and weapons depots and rocket-launching and manufacturing sites in civilian areas and/or next to (or even inside of) schools and mosques.  Therefore, whenever Israel defends itself against HAMAS attacks, HAMAS can guarantee that schools and mosques will be destroyed, and lots of civilians will be killed–preferably women and children.  In fact, during times of conflict HAMAS will go around and round up children and imprison them at rocket-launching sites, weapons depots, etc., in order to guarantee the maximum number of casualties among children.

HAMAS then films these “Israeli atrocities” uploads them to the internet where they then make all of the international “news” feeds.  And, all the bleeding heart liberals in the West weep their crocodile tears over the “brutal Israeli war-crimes” of dismembered children.  These mis-informed drones then pressure their politicians in the West to force Israel to stop committing “war crimes.”

This process is now being repeated with regards to the war in Yemen.  The Saudis and Emiratis are now getting the same treatment (from the ignorant Left and corrupted media in the West) that Israel usually gets.  To be sure, the Saudis are no angels, but the people they are fighting are even worse.  And, from a geo-strategic standpoint allowing Iran to set up shop in Yemen, on the border with Saudi Arabia would be a disaster not only for our Sunni Arab allies in the region, but for the entire West as a whole (For details on this See Majid Rafizadeh’s The US Must Stop Iran’s Takeover of Yemen, and Soeren Kern’s Is Iran Winning in Yemen, both posted recently on www.gatestoneinstitute.org). 

This (Yemen issue) is tied closely to the ongoing feud between Qatar on the one side, and on the other side its Gulf neighbors and former allies Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and their allies–as is the Khashoqji affair discussed on this site previously.  In the wake of being excommunicated by the KSA and UAE for its support of the Muslim Brotherhood and other terrorist organizations, the tiny (but natural gas-rich) shaykhdom of Qatar sought other allies, so it turned to fellow terrorism-supporters Iran and Turkey.

In the meantime, Qatar has paid Billions of dollars to purchase the way Americans think.  This money has bought off think tanks, such as Brookings, and Journalists working for the Washington Post, New York Times, and CNN, among others.  Qatar also funds Middle Eastern Studies departments in American universities to complete the cycle of thought control.  Qatar has even provided social studies text books to American K-12 schools indoctrinating American students with the Islamist message, and asking them to “express their loyalty to Qatar.”

God forbid that any of our honorable Senators or Congresspersons should take any money from the terrorist-sponsoring state (and Iranian ally) of Qatar, but that is really not needed for them to vote the way Qatar wants them to, since they get all of their Middle East knowledge and viewpoints from the likes of CNN and the Washington Post, both of which virtually take dictation from al-Jazeera–as was (and is) exemplified during the Khashoqji affair.

The UAE is also being heavily criticized by the pro-Muslim Brotherhood TV channel of al-Jazeera for its activities in eastern Yemen where it has set up military bases and conducted raids against suspected terrorist strongholds.  What terrorists you might ask are in eastern Yemen?

Why, none other than al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP).  AQAP is considered to be the largest, most active, and most powerful of all al-Qaeda franchises on the planet.  And for good reason.  You see, Eastern Yemen is essentially the region of Hadhramawt (which, BTW, means “Civilization of Death”), and the Hadhramawt is where Usama bin Laden’s father came from.  In fact, the bin Laden clan is so numerous in the Hadhramawt that the name is almost like “Smith” in a U.S. phone book.  Usama bin Laden himself quickly became a folk hero in the Hadhramawt–especially after 9/11.

And we’re supposed to condemn, and sanction the UAE for killing terrorists and taking prisoners?  I thought that al-Qaeda was the whole reason we went to war in the Middle East in the first place.   Just because the Democrats have chosen to belittle, or totally ignore, 9/11 doesn’t mean that half of the Republicans have to tag along.  Or does it?

In other words, any Congressional vote to curtail American equipment, technical, and/or intelligence sharing aid to the KSA/UAE war effort in Yemen, is a vote in support of the terrorism of al-Qaeda, Iran, and Qatar.

Fine work indeed, by the U.S. Congress.

To sum up, by voting to weaken the KSA-UAE war effort in Yemen, they are also voting to increase terrorism-sponsoring Iran’s dominance of the region (not to mention granting al-Qaeda freedom of operation).  Indeed, Iranian officials, including Supreme guide Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, now openly boast that they control no less than four Arab capitals:  Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut, and now Sana’.  Can Washington D.C. be far behind?

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