Every Democrat Presidential candidate supports Open Borders, Sanctuary Cities and unlimited illegal immigration. Florida just passed legislation sponsored by Senator Joe Gruters that requires every city and county to abide by requests from ICE. All local governments and police agencies would have to cooperate with federal authorities who enforce immigration law under a bill passed by the Florida Senate. Governor Ron DeSantis is expected to sign the legislation. It is timely that a film about open borders would be made by a Floridian,

According to the OPEN BORDERS Movie website:

“OPEN BORDERS” is a cautionary tale of open borders in the futuristic United States.

What would happen if the borders were opened up? What would America look like? This dystopian thriller shows what could happen. Bronson leads his family in a fight for survival against their globalist enemies. He’s joined by his sidekick Jam, and a young woman named Missle, in this action adventure as they fight for freedom in an ever changing world.

Watch the trailer:

OPEN BORDERS was written, directed, and produced by Floridian Mark Saunders. Mark grew up in Central Florida and in 1987 received degrees from the Valencia and University of Central Florida Film programs. He was the Producer- Director for several music videos and corporate commercials, before turning his interests to private real estate investing.  In 2016, he returned back to his passion of film as Associate Producer for “On your Street” a social conscious film about sexual trafficking. Mark is passionate about political consciousness, and film making that makes people think.

Visit OPEN BORDERS Movie on Twitter @OpenBordersMovi

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