MUELLER WITCH HUNT/RUSSIA COLLUSION: An analysis of Robert Mueller and his motivations.

Let us start with the qualifications, or lack thereof, of Robert Mueller to be a special prosecutor investigating the alleged “collusion with Russia” by one Donald J. Trump.

We will progress from there to the real collusion with Russian elements engaged in by our own CIA in an attempt to interfere in the U.S. presidential elections of 2016.

How about Uranium One?  Think it was just Hillary Clinton who was involved?  Nine members of the Obama administration, including Eric Holder, and former FBI director Robert Mueller (in the CFIUS committee) voted in favor of allowing the Russians to control 20% of America’s Uranium.  I always said, wouldn’t you just love to see the bank accounts of those nine people during the time surrounding that event?  Do you really believe that the Clinton’s kept all of the $145 million dollars the Russians paid them?

According to Wikileaks, in 2009 Sec. State. Clinton commissioned FBI director Mueller to deliver a 10-gram sample of enriched (weapons grade) Uranium to Russian intelligence.  The transfer was made during a Tarmac meeting in Moscow in the fall of 2009 (Love those Tarmac meetings).   Clinton apologists have insisted that this transfer of Uranium had nothing to do with the Uranium One deal, or with Clinton’s role in the CFIUS deal.

As a former intelligence officer myself, I find it strange that the FBI director would be tasked with a job that one would expect should have been handled by either the CIA or the Department of Energy.  The CIA at that time was headed by Bush holdover Gates, a straight shooter, which might explain why Clinton turned to Mueller, a long-time deep state swamp critter with an extensive history of shady deals.

When Russian bribery efforts in the Uranium One case came to light, guess who Mueller put in charge of the investigation?  Fellow deep state swamp critter Rod Rosenstein, the physical and ideological clone of Nazi Deep State operative Heinrich Himmler (don’t believer me?  Google the photos).  Mueller and Rosenstein then suppressed knowledge of the Russian bribery case.

But it now appears that 2012 was the banner year for Mueller and company to engage in criminal and treasonous activities.   Remember the HSBC bank case where said bank was accused of (and admitted to) engaging in money-laundering activities for Drug cartels and terrorist groups?   Guess who was a member of the HSBC board of directors during the time these crimes were committed?  Mr. purer-than-driven-snow James Comey.  HSBC was let off the hook by the payment of a fine.  Guess who handled the case?  US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Loretta Lynch, who was then rewarded by Obama with the post of U.S. Attorney General replacing Eric Holder, who was AG at the time of the Russian bribery scandal and this HSBC scandal.  Does the swamp take care of its own?

The above can be found in Jerome Corsi’s new book “Killing the Deep State,” as well as a variety of other sources.

But now for the treason.  Former Air Force intelligence officer Stephen Coughlin in his book Catastrphic Failure:  Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad documented that in February of 2012 both Robert Mueller and John Brennan colluded and collaborated with elements from the Muslim Brotherhood to rid America’s intelligence and law enforcement entities of valuable data bases, books, and training manuals connected with the war on terror (p. 379).  Former DHS officer Phil Haney speaks of the same thing in his book See Something, Say Nothing:  A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government’s Submission to Jihad, p. 141).   But neither Haney nor Coughlin connected all the dots, linking these acts to treason.  So I will do it here:

In 1991 the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) produced a document titled:  An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America.

This document, in Arabic, was obtained by the FBI in a raid on a safe house in Northern Virginia, in 2004.  It was later used in the Holy Land Foundation trial of 2008 when Muslim Brotherhood elements connected with CAIR were found guilty of supporting terrorism.  I have in my hands a copy of the original 1991 Arabic, and a copy of the English translation used in the 2008 Holy Land trial.

This so-called “memorandum” is more like a “manifesto,” it is essentially a declaration of war on the United States and Canada.  It does not shy away from using the term “Civilizational Jihad.”

A key passage on page 4 of the Arabic original of this long, multi-page document calls on MB brothers and sympathizers in America to destroy and uproot our civil society and civilization, so it can be replaced by Shari’a law.

Egypt’s state-sponsored al-ahram newspaper on 30 August 2016 also carried a long multi-page essay on this same MB document, reaching the same conclusion as above, e.g. that the goal of the MB was to destroy the civil society and civilization of America and replace it with Shari’a law.  Civilizational jihad.

In other words, in this document the MB essentially declares war on our constitution.  So, now to connect the dots, Both Mueller and Brennan not only violated their oaths of office (to defend and protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic) by collaborating and colluding with a declared enemy of the United States and its constitution, but also aided and abetted that same enemy by obeying that enemy’s command to destroy Counter Terrorism training materials and data bases.  And, that, folks, is the definition of treason:  Article III, section 3.

Russia, though a competitor and an irritant, is not an openly declared enemy of the U.S., therefore collusion with it is not a crime.  However the MB is a declared enemy, therefore   aiding and abetting it is a crime . . . the crime being treason.   Now, does anybody out there seriously believe that Mueller and Brennan deleted all of these data bases and burned and shredded all of these books and training manuals in every intelligence and law enforcement agency down to the local cops . . . without Obama’s knowledge and approval?

In May of 2012 the Obama administration also issued “hands off” orders to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, and US Customs and Border Protection officers pertaining to Muslims of all strips–even radicals.  So, this “hands off” policy imposed by the Obama administration allowed Muslim Brotherhood leaders and others with Islamic supremacist beliefs and affiliations to travel freely in and out of the United States (Haney, p. 132).

So, in other words, we have not only Brennan and Mueller committing treason, but also Obama.  So, what were the results of their treason?

After all these CT data bases were deleted, and executive orders given, allowing terrorist to roam freely in our country, the following terrorist acts were committed between  2013 to 2016:

Boston Marathon Bombing, Tennessee Military Recruiting Stations, Oregon Junior College, San Bernadino, and Orlando.  The toll:  82 Americans killed, and 353 Americans wounded on American soil.  No one has been held accountable.

(There is more than enough evidence here for the injured survivors and the families of those killed by these terrorist acts to launch very successful class action lawsuits against Mueller, Brennan, and Obama.  All three of these men should spend the rest of their lives in Ft. Leavenworth for the damage they have done to the United States–a damage that has long outlived their years of “service” in the government.)

The Russians even gave us direct warnings about the Tsarnaev brothers (Boston), and about the Oregon shooter.  Obama gave orders to ignore Russian warnings because “Russia is not valid at this time.”  (Translation:  Obama was peeved at Putin).


While Sean Hannity and others screech about a tiny mouse in the room (the Dems paying Fusion GPS $12 million for dirt on Trump), they totally ignore the 20-ton elephant that takes up 99% of that same room.

In the first place, we don’t know how much, if any, of that $12 million GPS received from the Democrats were paid to Christopher Steele.  Certainly GPS would have wanted to keep some (or all) of it for themselves.  And, even if Steele received some of it, we would have no evidence he paid even a dime to unknown Russians for the production of the salacious material in the dossier.  No, we’re talking about much bigger fish than the Democrat’s $12 million dollars.

Ever wonder why John Brennan has been so strident, almost psychotic, about demonizing Trump publicly in tweets and on TV?  Check this out:

London-based EYE SPY  magazine, which is close to Britain’s MI6 organization,  reported (April 2017 issue, pp. 20-22) on two Russian cyber Geeks whom their employer, Russia’s FSB spy organization, had arrested for “violating their oaths of office and collaborating with a foreign intelligence agency” (Later identified as the CIA).

These two cyber geeks were apparently the ones who put together much of the salacious (and probably doctored) material (videos, audio tapes, and other “hacked materials”) which were used in the Steele dossier.

The equivalent of $14.1 U.S. dollars was found by the FSB in the residence of Dimitri Dukuchayev, one of the cyber Geeks, a major in the FSB.  The Russians swear that the money came from the CIA.  It can be assumed that the other geek, Sergei Mikailov, a  Col. in the FSB, must have received at least that much himself.  Plus, they used at least one middle man, an ex KGB general named Oleg Erovenkin (who was chief of staff to an oligarch close to Putin), to get the materials to Steele (and/or the CIA).

So, we are talking probably dozens of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars paid by Brennan’s CIA to Russian operatives to produce materials that (Brennan hoped) could be used to interfere in the U.S. presidential elections of 2016 and/or bring Trump down were he to actually win the election.

Ever wonder why, if the whole purpose of the Mueller investigation was “Russia collusion” based on the Trump/Steele dossier . . . ever wonder why Mueller and his merry gang of over a baker’s dozen Trump haters have never raised a finger to actually investigate . . . what their whole premise is base upon–the Dossier?

As a footnote, the alleged Middle Man Erovenkin (surprise, surprise) turned up dead (slumped over in the back seat of his car) before the FSB could question him.  Though the hospital he was taken to pronounced the cause of death, a heart attack, just about everyone in Russia suspects foul play.  Foul play . . . but by whom?

The timeline of this is interesting:  The existence of the Dossier was made public to the media in October 2016–but only after Brennan personally gave DNI James Clapper the okay to release it to CNN.  Two months later, in December, middle man Erovenkin is taken out before he can be questioned.  Then, one month after that (after FSB officials had combed Erovenkin’s computers, phone data, etc. for contacts) the FSB arrested the two above-mentioned cyber geeks in January of 2017.

And, so, these are the clowns (Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, and Brennan) who have spearheaded the plot to: 1.  Clear Hillary Clinton, and 2. To bring down Trump.

And we’re supposed to assume, as Trey Gowdy said, that everything is being handled correctly, that the FBI did exactly as the American people would want them to?

(Several news sites on the net are now reporting that FSB Col. Sergei Mikailov has been sentenced to 20 years in prison by a Russian court.  His partner, Dimitri Dukuchayev is awaiting trial.  Dukuchayev, I believe, was the ringer leader of this scandal from the Russian side.)


There is an old adage I think that came from football:  The best defense is a good offense.

If you have a ball-hogging offense that can eat up the clock and score lots of point, you won’t need much of a defense because the other team won’t have the ball in their hands with enough time to score any points of their own.

For the last two plus years we’ve seen the Democrats play that game, launching countless investigations into everything related to Trump.  Their game plan is to stay on offense, keep Trump (and the Republicans) on the defensive constantly so they don’t have time to launch counter investigations on such things as FISA abuse and who really paid for the Dossier.

And, of course, Robert Mueller was a large part of the Democrat game plan.  He knew at least 19 months before he issued his report (if not from the moment he was brought on board) that the Dossier was false, the FISA warrants were illegal, and there was no collusion between Trump and Russia.  And, yet, knowing all of that, Mueller persisted in perpetuating a $35,000,000 fraud against the American people.  Why?


Apologists for Mueller always point to the fact that Mueller was a marine.  He served in Vietnam, was wounded, and honored with a medal.  Well, Adolph Hitler also served his country in wartime, was wounded during WWI, received a medal.  Then went on to “public service” where he was responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people.

The only qualities of the Marine Corp that Mueller has retained, is his dogged persistence.  Put him on a case as a prosecutor, and he will get a conviction.  It does not matter whether his target is innocent or guilty, he will get that conviction.  Another notch on his gun handle.  No boy scout he.

Which is why the Democrats and the Deep State were overjoyed to see Mueller picked as special prosecutor–and why fellow swamp critter Rod Rosenstein hand-picked his old fellow traveler to do the dirty.

Mueller’s job was not to prove Russian collusion, because the only collusion was by the Democrats and Mueller’s buddies in the Deep State.  No, Mueller’s job, pure and simple, was to destroy Trump.  So, knowing that there was no Trump/Russia he perpetuated the fraud for as long as he could hoping that Trump would slip up, say something that  Mueller could use as a secondary charge.  A face-to-face interview would have served that purpose had Trump fallen for it.

Mueller has a long history of getting people to admit to crimes they didn’t commit just so he could get a prosecution.  And, he has a long history of destroying the lives of innocent people and their families . . . in his quest for yet another knotch on his tainted pistol handle.  Dirty cop, he.

(Remember the anthrax scandal where Mueller’s false accusations and pursuit ended up costing the U.S. taxpayers millions).

Thankfully, Trump didn’t fall for the face-to-face with pit viper Mueller, but Trump being Trump, there was always the chance that he’d say something, or tweet something that Mueller could use as a secondary charge of “obstruction” or something.

And, Mueller and his Trump-hating psychopaths dutifully recorded every one of Trump’s Trumpisms, and thinking outloud-isms.  But, in the end they couldn’t make the case.

At this point, when Mueller finally decided to give up the charade, he had a duty to make a decision not only on Trump/Russia, but on the issue of “obstruction of justice.”  Mueller’s failure to do so left the door open for the Democrats to continue playing offense.  If not Trump/Russia, then “obstruction of Justice.”  If not obstruction of justice, then it’s Trump’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, or his not being friendly enough with Qatar (to paraphrase California Representative Adam Schiff, and New Jersey senator Robert Menendez).

Qatar, BTW, is one of the world’s top three state sponsors of terror, and is the primary state financier of the Muslim Brotherhood, which in turn financed numerous other subsidiary jihadi terrorist groups.  So, I do believe that Schiff’s and Menendez’s fondness for Qatar needs to be investigated.


Isn’t it ironic that the Democrats are demonizing Trump for “being cozy with dictators,” and even using that allegation as a basis for additional investigations into the possibility of beginning impeachment proceedings?  This, from a basket of political bullies who cheered Trump’s predecessor for kissing up to the murderous Castro regime in Cuba, for submissively telling the then Russian president that “he’d be more flexible after the elections,” for granting Iran the right to pursue nuclear weapons in the 2030s while turning 150 Billion dollars over to them to use for terrorist purposes, and not to mention his “coziness” with Egypt’s former Muslim Brotherhood dictator Muhammad Mursi.

With this background on the Democrat’s obsession with investigating everything Trump, Mueller timed the release of his so-called testy letter to Attorney General Barr, just prior to Barr’s testimony before Congress, so as to give Congress some red meat to use on Barr.  The only motivation for that, on Mueller’s part, is to allow Congress to remain on the offensive.

And, so, then the Democrats attacked Attorney General Barr because they can’t get to Trump since there is no collusion and no obstruction of justice.


If the FISA applications and the Steele dossier origins and funding were ever investigated, it would bring down and possibly send to jail some of Mueller’s best friends.  Not to mention any names such as James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and John Brennan.

But even worse than that, opening up those investigations could lead to a larger investigation including several other crimes committed during the Obama years.  These could include the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal, and Mueller’s own treasonous actions in 2012 vis-à-vis the Muslim Brotherhood.  Investigating these scandals in turn, would lead right back to the Obama White House and could put dozens of other deep state swamp critters behind bars–including Mueller himself.

Bottom line, Mueller, and his fellow “Deep State” swamp creatures, are fighting for their lives, and will do anything to keep their opposition on the defensive–and to make the public so sick of “investigations” that launching any counter investigations against the real criminals now becomes nearly impossible.  That was the Democrat Party, Deep State objective all along, and they have been hugely successful following that strategy because they have a very corrupt national media playing ball with them.

My evaluation is that if these investigations are either not started, brushed aside, or not followed to their logical conclusions (i.e. responsibility being place on those who deserve it), then the United States is well on the way to becoming a third-rate banana republic.

(Note: Much additional information on this so-called “Spy Gate” is contained in a 65 page opus by Jeff Carlson, and posted on The Epoch Times on 28 March 2019.  This includes such morsels as Britian’s GCHQ collecting intelligence on then Candidate Trump as early as late 2015, and then transmitting that intelligence to entities in the United States.  And, an indication that Brennan had an advance knowledge of the Steele dossier a month prior to the FBI’s reaching out to Steele asking for any and all the information he had on team Trump.  This would seem to support the above-mentioned EYE SPY  Reporting on CIA payments to rogue Russian cyber geeks to compile at least a portion of the dossier.)

Mr. Attorney General William Barr, you and your Department of Justice have a lot of work cut out for you.

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