Architects of Woke: Slavoj Žižek & the Romance of Revolutionary Terror [Video]

The Architects of Woke will release episodes throughout 2019. The series takes aim at far-left post-modernist and Marxist thinkers and activists responsible for the spread of identity politics from college campuses to society at large.

The second episode, “Slavoj Žižek & the Romance of Revolutionary Terror”, covers the influence of the famed Slovenian communist philosopher Slavoj Žižek. Having starred in three feature-length documentary films, debated academic superstar Jordan Peterson, and holding one of the largest fan bases of any academic in the world, Žižek is perhaps the most influential Marxist alive. But despite Žižek’s fun pop-culture references and friendly debate with Professor Peterson, his ideas are far from benign. A supporter of revolutionary violence, Žižek speaks approvingly of deadly revolutionaries Vladimir Lenin and Maximillien Robespierre. In Žižek’s view, a free capitalist society is inherently oppressive, and violence is needed to overthrow it. The video concludes, based on Žižek’s own words, that Žižek’s utopia is to squash you in order to gratify his narcissism.

The Architects of Woke is hosted and directed by filmmaker Rob Montz. Montz is the co-founder and CEO of Good Kid Productions. His online documentary work has attracted millions of views and coverage in major outlets, including The Economist, USA Today, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and The Adam Carolla Podcast. His 2017 documentary “Silence U. PT 2: What Has Yale Become?,” published on We the Internet TV, won the 2018 Reason Video Prize.

Subjects of upcoming episodes of The Architects of Woke will include Chapo Trap House, the wildly popular radical socialist podcast that has been described as “the last stop off the socialist train before Antifa” and receives over $100,000 a month in donations, making it the highest-funded project on Patreon.

To learn more about Žižek and his critics, we recommend the following:

Robespierre or the ‘Divine Violence’ of Terror” by Slavoj Žižek

Resistance Is Surrender” by Slavoj Žižek

Violent Thoughts About Slavoj Žižek” by Simon Critchley

Slavoj Žižek” InfluenceWatch Encyclopedia Entry

The Deadly Jester” by Adam Kirsch

Clown Prince of the Revolution” by Roget Scruton

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EDITORS NOTE: This CRC video and commentary is republished with permission.

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