VIDEO: TruNews — Fake News

Ryan Mauro exposes the propaganda spewed by TruNews. Ryan confronts this news outlet who are being used by Islamists, like ventriloquist dummies, to do their talking for them.

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  1. Phil
    Phil says:

    I don’t know. He could be a puppet of Russia and their coalition or maybe Palestine (Evangelicals tend to forget a number of them are Christian and just want to live their life not on either side of the grudge match), but I think they’re not anti-Israel or anti-Jew, but anti-Zionism. I think Zionists in Israel manipulate those in the West who want to see Armageddon, thinking Christ will come back and reign on Earth for a long time, and don’t care how it happens. Well, I agree with Trunews the ends don’t justify the means. I don’t want to see Jerusalem, especially, fall and/or a self-hating or hippy-dippy gate-opener replace Netanyahu in the future, but I think they get too overconfident and their Mossad does bad things. I think Israel even helped fund church burners that are enemies of their enemies. If so, it’s sad Christians would look the other way for, if aware of such a deal with the devil, some perceived greater good. The Jews got exiled and occupied for bad behavior over the millennia and it could happen again. They already have liberal social policies. We should not encoyrage this.


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