U.S. Congress Surrenders to Jihad

The U.S. Congress has taken two actions this week which indicates that they have become Muslim Brotherhood (MB) occupied territory.  Not that the MB and/or its offshoots like ISIS and al-Qaeda are sitting in the Congressional chambers aiming their AK-47’s at the honorable members.  No, that is not really needed—not when the members themselves or so willing to do the jihad’s bidding on their own accord.

The first piece of idiocy was the discussion about bringing Libyan General Khalifa Haftar to the States to try him as a war criminal.

Their alleged justification for exercising U.S. jurisdiction on a General on the other side of the planet is based on the belief that Haftar might somehow hold U.S. citizenship.

Why do they think General Haftar is a war criminal?  Because the Muslim Brotherhood/Qatar told them so (via al-Jazeera and the Washington Post, which takes dictation from al-Jazeera on Middle East issues).

What is happening is that while General Haftar’s forces are bombing and shelling legitimate military targets, civilians are being killed.  Did we not kill a few civilians during WWII?  War is dirty.  But it is even dirtier now in the Middle East.  Here is why:

Ever notice why the Israelis are accused of war crimes every time they try to defend themselves against Hamas attacks?  This is because Hamas stashes all of their weapons in schools, hospitals, etc., and fire their missiles from heavily populated areas.  They’ve even been known to round up children and force them to gather around obvious targets, such as missile launching mechanisms.  Then, when the Israelis strike the offending legitimate military target, the brave Hamas “fighters” film it on their cellphones as the children are being blown apart.  They then upload these images to the internet.  Al-jazeera blast it all over the world, then CNN, Washington Post, New York Times and the usual suspects here in the states dutifully do the rest.

The Houthis have been doing the same thing in Yemen causing world public opinion to come down on the Saudis for “war crimes.”


The city in Libya that general Haftar is attacking is controlled by radical Islamist militias composed of al-Qaeda, ISIS, and Ansar ash-Shari’a personnel.  Does anyone seriously think that they aren’t doing the same thing that the Houthis and Hamas do in terms of making sure that there are plenty of civilian casualties for al-Jazeera to show the world?

General Haftar brought his troops up to Tripoli from eastern Libya precisely because of the terrorist militias that control the place.  We should be rooting him on and even offering him help—even though our spineless European friends kid themselves into believing that the figure-head Sirraaj “government” in Tripoli is actually worth preserving.

The July 2018 issue of the “close to MI6” British magazine, Eye Spy, has also noted that “Analyst warn that he (Sirraaj) remains largely a figurehead with little control over militias” (page 13).

The same issue of the same magazine wrote that even though former dictator Qadhafi halted his nuclear program in 2003 (when he saw what the U.S. did to his buddy Saddam Hussein), he failed to eliminate his weapons grade yellow cake.

As for Libya, the general consensus of the intelligence community is that a great many nuclear materials have not been fully recovered in Libya” (Eye Spy, p. 13).

To sum up, General Hafter is not only trying to liberate the citizens of Tripoli from the criminal grips of the terrorist gangs, he is also trying to prevent any of these militia groups from getting their hands on Qadhafi’s left over nuclear materials.

So, by our beloved and erudite members of Congress talking about shutting Haftar down over “war crimes,” they are essentially voting to let al-Qaeda and the like have at those nuclear materials, as well as the Uranium mines that the Iranians were trying to get their fingers into as early as 2015 (Eye Spy, p. 12).


The other bit of Shari’a compliance our honorable never-take-any-payments-from-Qatar members of Congress exhibited this week was when they invited Jamal Khashoqji’s fiancé to come and testify before the Democrat-dominated House Foreign Affairs committee.

I have reported before that the Democrats were going to try every trick in the book to use Trump’s cordial relations with Saudi Arabia and his lack of over-bearing enthusiasm for terrorism sponsor Qatar as a possible tool with which to pummel Trump, if not to bring him down, now that their long-hoped for Mueller report has fizzled out.  This most recent stunt has to be seen in that light.

Khashoqji, a high school best buddies with Usama bin Laden, was ten times more dangerous.  The two believed in the same goals, Shari’a for all, and exterminate the Jews.  They just followed different paths with Khashoqji’s path being far more subtle, hence the greater danger.

The fact that he was working for Qatari intelligence as well as Turkish intelligence and the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood should have been enough to warrant him the same consideration  we gave to his buddy Usama bin Laden.

The Saudis, who felt threatened by Khashoqji’s ambitions for regime change, certainly thought so.  So they took him out.  We took out Usama bin Laden.  At least the Saudis did it on what amounted to Saudi national territory (Embassies and Consulates are considered to be the actual soil of the country running the embassy or consulate).

The only people making a big deal out of the Khashoqji affair are the #1 and #3 top state sponsors of terrorism, Turkey and Qatar, terrorist group MB, al-Jazeera, and their puppets in the West (MSM).

The Congress persons wasting Congressional time and taxpayers funds for this circus should be exposed and censored.

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