VIDEO: Al Jazeera+ Anti-Semitism REVEALED

Qatari propaganda outlet Al Jazeera and their trendy AJ+ Arabic platform showed their true face this week.

In a seven-minute video released across AJ+’s social media, a young woman narrates some shocking views on the Holocaust. She suggests the number of Jews killed has been exaggerated, that Israel was the “greatest beneficiary” of the tragedy and that the Jewish State uses the Holocaust as justification for the “annihilation of Palestinians.”

Al Jazeera retracted the video and announced that the makers of the video were to be suspended, but by this point, the damage was done. The video had already been disseminated and viewed over a million times.

Canary Mission has dug beneath the surface and found that the anti-Semitism at Al Jazeera and AJ+ goes far beyond the makers of this one video.

In our compelling NEW VIDEO, we reveal the personal tweets and posts of Al Jazeera and AJ+ staff.

Al Jazeera staff preach principles of human rights and social justice, while their personal social media accounts show disdain for Jews and Israel. It will leave you wondering:

Was their Holocaust-denying video an isolated incident or is anti-Semitism a systemic issue?

Noor Harazeen indicates on her LinkedIn that she is a “Filmmaker for AJ+.” She has calledfor violence, glorified the terror organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), shown supportfor Hamas and expressed support for terrorists.

Amr Kawji states on Twitter that he is a “Video Editor and sometimes Producer at AJ+.” He has spread anti-Semitism, defended the terror organization Hezbollah and expressed support for terrorists. On March 2, 2014, Kawji tweeted: “The yahood [Jews] run the #oscars.”

Sana Saeed indicates on her LinkedIn that she is a Host/Senior Producer at Al Jazeera+ (AJ+). She has expressed support for Hamaspromoted terrorists, spread anti-Israel conspiracy theories and defended violent anti-Israel agitators. On January 18, 2015, Saeed tweeted: “Israel & Al Qaeda are likely coordinating with one another. Yeah. Imma pull a white girl and just can’t even.”

Dima Khatib indicates on her LinkedIn that she is the managing director of AJ+. She has spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, defended Hamas and Hezbollahglorifiedterrorists and demonized Israel. On December 18, 2010, Khatib tweeted: “Behind US support for Israel there is a huge Zionist lobby with economic and media power.”

Danna Fakhoury indicates on her LinkedInthat she is a “social content producer” at AJ+. She has spread hatred of Israel, equatedZionism with Nazism and expressed supportfor BDS on social media. On March 8, 2013, Fakhoury tweeted: “Zionism is hate. Zionism is evil. Zionism is the modern day Nazism. don’t be fooled. the tide is turning.”

Omar Duwaji indicates on his LinkedIn that he is a producer at AJ+. He has glorified a terrorist, demonized Israel and spread a conspiracy theory, on social media. On September 8, 2013, Duwaji tweeted: “REPORT: Hitler may not have authorized systemic murder of Jews during Holocaust.”

EDITORS NOTE: This Clarion Project column and video is republished with permission.

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