IT’S BA-A-ACK! TWA 800: From Mehrabad to Montoursville with love?

On 20 May 2019 President Donald Trump held a rally in the tiny Pennsylvania town of Montoursville.  This raises the obvious question of . . . why?  Trump is famous for basking in the adoration of huge crowds of 20,000-30,000 for his rallies.  Montoursville has a total population of 5,000.

In the special election held the following day, Republican Fred Keller won by a comfortable 2-1 margin.  He obviously did not need Trump’s help.  Besides, there are many other towns in Pennsylvania’s 12th district larger than Montoursville, including the well-known Williamsport.  But Trump choose Montoursville.  Why?

Could TWA 800 have had anything to do with it?

On 17 July 1996, 16 French-club students from Montoursville High School and five of their chaperones boarded the Boeing 747-131 for the TWA 800’s transatlantic flight destined for Paris and Rome. Twelve minutes later the plane exploded apart over the Atlantic ocean at nearly 14,000 feet, just off East Moriches on Long Island.  In all, there were 230 passengers, four pilots, and 14 flight attendants on board.  There were no survivors.

After four years of salvage, recovery and investigations, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) determined that the cause of the crash was a “defect” in the insulation around certain unspecified wires which allowed a “short” in those wires to ignite the “vapors” in the empty fuel tank causing the whole plane to explode.

Case closed, right?

Then why did Trump choose to hold a rally in tiny Montoursville, instead of the much larger nearby Williamsport–and in a district in which the Republican candidate was going to win hands down anyway?

Could it be because virtually no one on this planet believes the “official” explanation of what happened–including some of the investigators themselves?

Here is why so many people believe that the “official” explanation was a “cover-up” by the Clinton administration and the “Deep State” so the American public wouldn’t panic during the last few months before a presidential election:

An air traffic controller at NY TRACON allegedly claims that radar “indicated vertical movement intersecting TWA 800,” and then TWA 800 disappeared from the radar screen.  Numerous eye witnesses claim to have seen a “streak of light,” or “vapor trails” ascending from the ocean towards the plane, striking the plane, and then the plane exploded.  Two weeks later the FBI allowed the New York Times to interview only one of the 144 (at that time) witnesses, and he was one who only saw it “out of the corner of his eye.”  The NTSB eventually identified 258 eyewitnesses who had allegedly seen a glowing object streaking towards the aircraft.  At least 58 had followed the object from the horizon (i.e. from the ocean).  The NYT interviewed none of those 258.

Here is another interesting factoid.  The deputy Attorney General who oversaw the investigation, Jamie Gorelilck, left the Justice Department in 1997 to take a job with Fannie Mae, the government-run home loan outfit.  She would make more than $25 million dollars over the next six years.  A government worker would be lucky to make 1/20 of that amount in six years.  She also turned up in 2004 as the primary author of the highly flawed 9/11 report.


Trump’s visit to tiny Montoursville, Pennsylvania has brought all of the old conspiracy theories back out of the closet.

There have been theories galore:  Everything from an exploding meteorite coming apart just at the right time and place to intercept the aircraft, to a U.S. Navy training exercise gone awry, to a bomb placed on board, to an al-Qaeda strike as a prelude for 9/11.

But there is one rather obvious explanation that no one has mentioned yet–at least not on this side of the Atlantic–not during the original investigation two decades ago, and not now.


On 03 July 1988 an Iran Air Airbus A300, flight #655 took off from Iran’s Mehrabad International Airport in Tehran, Iran.  It stopped at Bandar Abbas International airport in Bandar Abbas, Iran to pick up more passengers before taking off again for its destination of Dubai International Airport on the other side of the Persian/Arab Gulf.

Personnel aboard the USS Vincennes operating in the area thought that the Iranian airliner was a military aircraft on a hostile mission (or so the official explanation goes), so they shot it down.  274 civilian passengers and 16 crew members all lost their lives that day.

When TWA was brought down eight years later, most everybody in the Middle East automatically assumed that it was retaliation for Iran Air flight #655.  That possibility was never entertained on this side of the Atlantic.  After all, if it indeed was a missile, the most likely weapon was a Stinger missile which can be fired by a single person holding a hand-held launching device, and which was designed to bring down aircraft at up to 15,700 feet, and everyone just “knew” that Iran did not possess Singer missiles–even though we had donated thousands of them to al-Qaeda’s MKK precursor in Afghanistan during their war against the Soviets in the 80s.

But, no way Iran could have Stinger missiles and be responsible for TWA 800, right?

So, why did Trump decide to visit tiny Montoursville now?

Could it have anything to do with the increasing tensions between Iran and the U.S.?  The war drums that are beating in both capitals?  Could it be that as tensions rise, more evidence keeps spilling into the public domain about Iranian cooperation with al-Qaeda and complicity in 9/11 (meaning that Iran likely had all the Singer Missiles it wanted by the mid-1990s), and Trump is building a case for war against Iran?

Or, could Trump only be sending a message for entirely domestic reasons?

  • Michael E. Horowitz, the current Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Justice (of which the FBI is a part) is currently conducting investigations into DOJ and FBI “improper actions” regarding the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal and the FISA abuses which led to the Mueller investigation of Trump.
  • John W. Huber, the U.S. Attorney for the district of Utah, is also reportedly still conducting an investigation into broader “Deep State” abuses involved with the Trump dossier, alleged “spying” on the Trump campaign, etc., and is allegedly coordinating his efforts with Inspector General Horowitz.  Their report is expected to be released soon.
  • Republican Senator Lindsay Graham has been leading a Senate investigation into alleged “Deep State” abuses regarding all of these issues.
  • Current U.S. Attorney General, William Barr, has recently announced that he has assigned a “team” to investigate CIA and FBI “Counter Intelligence spying” on the Trump campaign.
  • Trump has long been threatening to release the FISA warrant applications which allegedly would show fraud on the part of a number of FBI and DOJ officials.  Rumors have it that this will be done soon.

So, could Trump’s visit to Montoursville be a message that investigations into “Deep State” corruption and cover-ups are reaching clear back into the 1990s?

Above, we mentioned a Jamie Gorelick, who oversaw the grossly flawed TWA 800 investigation, and was the primary author of the flawed 9/11 commission report of 2004.

The head of the CIA during the time of the investigation of the TWA 800 take down, having been appointed in 1997, was Clinton dandy George Tenet.

Guess who was the head of the CIA when 9/11 happened?  That’s right, George Tenet.

This is important because the upper echelons of the CIA had more than ample evidence in the weeks leading up to 9/11 that al-Qaeda was going to attack sites in Washington and New York City in early September (actually one piece of evidence even pinpointed the date).  All that evidence was discounted because much of it entailed Iranian cooperation with al-Qaeda, and the upper echelons of the CIA refused to believe that Shi’a Iran and Sunni al-Qaeda could ever have anything to do with each other.

Guess who Tenet’s right-hand man for Counter Terrorism and Middle East issues was?

Clinton Crony John Brennan.

Yes, the same John Brennan who spearheaded (along with Robert Mueller) efforts to abolish all training materials and delete all data bases where any connection was made between any sort of “Islam,” (even “radical Islam), and any sort of “jihad,” including terrorism.  These actions were taken at the behest of entities which are part of the terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood’s tentacles in the United States–yes that Muslim Brotherhood which is a declared enemy of the United States, thus making Brennan’s and Mueller’s actions a clear case of treason according to Article III section 3 of the U.S. Constitution.

Their treasonous actions by the way, led to the deaths of more Americans than did the downing of TWA 800.

So, now, as these investigations into “Deep State” misbehaviors, frauds, and crimes (up to and including treason) are intensifying, increasing numbers of fingers are being pointed to the likely instigator and ringmaster for all of the efforts against the Trump campaign and Trump personally.  And, guess who this ringmaster is turning out to be?

John Brennan.

Interesting, no?

For those of us who are spectators of the blood sport of full contact politics, and who get goose bumps of joy from watching “paybacks” . . . fasten your seat belts.  (Not that Trump every enjoys punching back at his attackers).  I have a very sneaky feeling that Trump’s rally in little Montoursville last Monday was a signal that the fun is about to begin.  Or so we can hope.

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