Two Profound Acts of Censorship by YouTube these past few days

Lets begin with Laura Southerns documentary, Borderless. We try not to post things unless we have watched it as a rule, so it hasn’t been posted up to now as 90 minutes or so is a luxury not affordable too often. But now its a news event itself. Youtube has been using its most deceptive measures to stop it from being seen.

First this article on Human Events:

YouTube has removed Lauren Southern’s conservative documentary Borderless from their platform. The film was deleted less than 24 hours after Southern made it available to the public on her personal YouTube channel.

Initially, Southern’s team encountered numerous problems in trying to publish the documentary on YouTube. As Southern explains:

“We uploaded the documentary a day before the release, with no issues,” Southern and the Borderless team told Human Events.

‘On release day the film wouldn’t play in the back end—so we uploaded another version. This version uploaded and processed, we could watch it and we set it to premiere. Suddenly the movie began to process again and stopped in time for the premiere.’”

Read the rest at source.

Lets look at Laura’ Twitter feed. If that is even still up.

Hopefully the backup here works for those still trying to watch and share! Please go give it a like and a comment since we lost all 70k views etc. on the last one!

There is over 100,000 views on the backup channel. It is working here so far.

If it goes down I am 100% sure that there will be a way to make sure you can all see it. We on this side of the site will watch it today.

The Second Act: Milo in Germany.

On May 11, Milo addressed Alternative für Deutschland and CDU MPs, journalists and alternative media bloggers in Berlin about press freedoms and Islam. The talk was originally scheduled to take place in the German Parliament, and had to be moved after complaints. YouTube cut the live feed ten minutes into the speech, citing “hateful content” and issuing a strike against the channel hosting it.

My name is Milo Yiannopoulos, and for those of you who don’t know me, I am the most lied-about, most censored man on the planet. So, it’s fitting for me to be here today to address the most lied-about political party in Europe.

… even if we’re not having this speech where we should be. It’s fine, I’m not mad. It’s not like it exposed me to massive global humiliation getting disinvited from the Bundestag or anything.

It was only the Washington Post and maybe 50 or 60 other newspapers. Seriously, don’t worry about it.

I’m not even bothered, shut up!

720 YT version:

The video below appears to be the one censored off the controlled internet.

Below, Tim Poole on the Lauren Southern video and YouTube’s suppression of it.

Thank you Dymphna and all who sent in materials that helped to make this post.

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column is republished with permission.

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