Multiculturalism Makes its Mark Everywhere Now! [Video & Links]

1. A single 13 year old was charged in the ‘Lord of the Flies like’ attack on a Canadian playground.

The excuses in the CBC video are pretty pathetic. But it is CBC. They must direct people away from the truth.

2. Police Celebrate End of May: ‘Her Legacy One of Misery’, ‘Country Less Safe’, ‘Officers Will Shed No Tears’

Police officers across the country are celebrating Theresa May’s resignation, having been thoroughly alienated by the Prime Minister in her previous role as Home Secretary under David Cameron.

Theresa May presided over massive cuts to police budgets and manpower during her tenure, and made “taking on” the Police Federation which represents rank and file officers up to Chief Inspector one of her signature stances — although she seemingly enjoyed a more collegial relationship with politically correct senior officers, such as Metropolitan Police chief Cressida Dick.

As Home Secretary, Mrs May attended Police Federation conferences and publicly berateddelegates for “crying wolf” and “scaremongering” when they claimed the cuts — abetted by the left-wing Liberal Democrats, who were in a coalition government with the Tories until 2015 — would destroy neighbourhood policing and lead to the adoption of a “paramilitary style” of policing.

3. CBC’s ‘Tout Le Monde En Parle’ Suspended From Twitter For ‘Glorifying Terrorism’ After Disgraceful Omar Khadr Segment

(Just the opening of the show, where Khadr walks out onto the stage to tumultuous applause was enough to give you gall stones. Im glad that some tiny measure of justice appears to have come their way surprisingly from Twitter of all places. Chances are it won’t stick though. But as Spencer says, this is just one more reason that the CBC MUST be defunded,)

The Post Millennial is reporting that ‘Tout le Monde en Parle,’ the taxpayer funded French-language CBC program that hosted Omar Khadr and gave him a sickeningly fawning reception, has been suspended from Twitter.

The suspension is listed as being for ‘glorifying terrorism’:

“According to the official Radio-Canada website a disgruntled user took credit for the account suspension claiming the program was “glorifying terrorism” and that it was a “terror apologist”.

Khadr, who was convicted of being responsible for the death of U.S. Army Sergeant Christopher Speer, entered the program’s studio to general applause before being interviewed by the TV show’s host Guy A. Lepage.”

(Glorifying terrorism puts it perfectly)

4. More on the children who attacked a woman with rocks, fists and feet because she asked them to stop throwing rocks at others.

5. Anne Marie Waters banned on Twitter:

Anne Marie Waters has been banned from Twitter, no doubt because she is a vocal critic of Islam as an ideology, sharia law and a particular demographic of the Muslim population.

Such views are incompatible with far-left apologists, and as a result, they have campaigned with all their might to get her removed.

Anne Marie is on the “far-left hit list” of groups like Resisting Hate, who aim to “take down” who they perceive as being “high profile haters” with large social media followings.

That is the Modus-Operandi of the far-left; they silence voices and opinions that run counter to their own political and cultural world view. They perfectly personify the true meaning of Fascism.

6. Stephen Harper (The last Canadian Prime Minister) on Prager U. covering all the points on why one should support Israel.

7. France: Over 250 Convicted Islamic Terrorists Set for Prison Release by 2022

French justice minister Nicole Belloubet has announced details of a new national anti-terrorist office to deal with threats including 254 convicted Islamic terrorists set for release from various prisons by 2022.

Created earlier this year, the National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office (PNAT) is expected to begin its formal operations on July 1st and one of its most important operations, according to Ms Belloubet, will be the tracking of convicted Islamic terrorists who have been released from prison, Le Mondereports.

Belloubet said that currently there are 510 individuals being held in French prisons following convictions for Islamist terrorism, but around half — 254 — will likely be released by 2022.

Along with the 510 convicted of terrorism, Belloubet said that she believed there to be another 943 prisoners who were convicted of other offences and radicalised in prison.

To deal with radicalisation, the minister said that the government had developed 1,500 or so cells in blocks where radicalisation could be assessed, and a further 600 cells would be developed to deradicalise extremists.

8. Germany: Police Raids on Iraqi Criminal Network Span 11 Cities

Nearly a thousand police officers took part in raids across 11 German cities this week, targeting an Iraqi organised crime syndicate.

Some 800 police officers searched 49 venues across North Rhine-Westphalia. Most of the 34 arrested suspects were of either Iraqi or Syrian origin or were German citizens with a migration background, according to a report from Austrian tabloid Kronen Zeitung.

The group that was the focus of the raid, named Al-Salam-313, is not very well-known publicly, but has become a part of the biker gang scene in recent years. According to North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of the Interior Herbert Reul, police have become very familiar with the gang.

(This is what multiculturalism looks like)

Thank you, Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., ML., Dymphna Gates, Coram Deo, and all who sent in important items which enriches and informs us all.

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column is republished with permission.

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