Why Mueller, Why Now?

Robert Mueller concluded his “probe” of Trump, the Trump campaign, and of everyone who knows Trump, and even of some who knew people who knew Trump . . . way back in March.  He effectively resigned at that time and became a private person just like you and me.

So, why is Mueller coming back to the limelight here on the 28th of May just to repeat what he said in his final report to Congress back in March?

Could Trump’s rally last week (20 May 2019) at tiny Montoursville have had anything to do with it?

The coincidence of a “cause and effect” process coming in to play is too tempting to dismiss.  But, the question remains as to why?

As I reported previously, Trump’s rally at tiny Montoursville (pop. 5,000) was staged to deliver probably more than one message.  One message was to the Iranians, and to the U.S. Pentagon, that the administration is building a case against Iran to use as a possible reason for war, if needed.

A second message was delivered to the people of Montoursville that President Trump, personally, is aware of their grievances and will do what he can, and what his administration can, to give them closure of some sort.  You see, this small town of 5,000 souls was hit especially hard by the Iranian take down of TWA flight 800.  Sixteen of their high school French Club’s students and five of their chaperons were on that flight TWA 800 on the 17th of July, 1996.  The people of that close-knit town still grieve, and are still looking for answers.  And, for closure.

While everyone in the intelligence business knew that the Iranians were responsible for the shoot down of TWA 800, the Clinton administration, the “Deep State,” and the media all covered it up out of a lack of desire to go to war against Iran, since we had eight years previously shot down one of their civilian airliners over the Arab/Persian gulf and this was obviously just an act of revenge.  So, alternate theories were developed in an attempt to explain the shoot down and explosion of the plane in mid air.

Hence the fear by the “Deep State,” the Democrat Party (top to bottom), and by Robert Mueller himself.

Here is why:

It is well-known that Attorney General Barr has been turned loose to uncover the crimes of the “Deep State” as pertaining to their attempts to railroad Hillary Clinton into the White House in 2016 by manufacturing the Russia collusion hoax.  But, by Trump staging a rally in the politically un-important town of Montoursville, he was delivering his 3rd message.   And this was that the Trump administration plans to uncover and expose all “Deep State” crimes and cover-ups not just with regards to the 2016 elections, but going clear back into the mid-1990s! 

While Mueller had no responsibility for the shoot down of TWA 800, he is responsible for several terrorist operations on U.S. soil during the Obama administration years.  So, Mueller knows that if Trump’s AG Barr is going to be dipping back into the 1990s, there is now way in h%$# that they are not going to look at the Obama years.

And, if the Obama years are investigated, Mueller has plenty to fear.  As FBI director he had a well-earned reputation as being “soft” on terrorism cases.  There is ample evidence that Mueller joined with John Brennan in colluding and collaborating with a declared enemy of the U.S. so as to obey this enemy’s commands to castrate our nation’s counter terrorism efforts.

This enemy was (and is) the Muslim Brotherhood which has clearly stated its hostile intentions towards the United States, its civilization, and its constitution, in the Brotherhood’s memorandum for its members and sympathizers in North America.  This document was published in 1991, seized by Mueller’s own FBI in 2004, and used in the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008.  And, yet, in spite of that, Robert Mueller proceeded to commit treason by aiding and abetting that enemy (Article III section 3 of the U.S. Constitution) and ordering the deletion of all data bases, the burning or shredding of all documents and training materials, and the removal or firing of Counter Terrorism instructors that this declared enemy of the United States disapproved of.

Because of these treasonous actions by Mueller and Brennan, we suffered the Boston Marathon bombing, the Tennessee military recruiting stations shoot up, the Oregon Jr. College massacre, San Bernadino, and Orlando.  The death toll of all of these terrorist acts: 82 Americans killed on American soil, and 385 wounded.

But for Mueller, it gets even worse.  Because he didn’t wait for the Muslim Brotherhood to order him to destroy CT materials they didn’t like, he began the process of purging the FBI’s and the Military’s CT efforts in 2009, as soon as he received the green light from President Obama.  The result of Mueller’s and the Obama administration’s early efforts?

The Fort Hood massacre in November of 2009.  Sixteen Americans killed and 32 wounded on a U.S. military base in Texas.

Thus, the notches on Mueller’s bedpost is actually 98 Americans killed and 385 wounded because of his pro-terrorist approach to counter terrorism.

Anyone wanna bet that Mueller isn’t quaking in his boots over William Barr, the growling bear?  Anyone wanna bet that Trump’s rally in tiny Monttoursville is what motivated Mueller to step back into the limelight, and resign for the second time?

And, what did Mueller actually accomplish if all he did was to repeat what he said back in March?  If Trump had committed any real crimes, as Mueller seems to imply, then Mueller had a responsibility to spell these out for the American people in March.  He also had the responsibility to recommend that charges be leveled against Trump.  The only reason Mueller did not take those steps is because there was no crime with which to charge Trump.  The best Mueller could do was to throw the Democrats a bone via insinuations.

Mueller hopes, that by throwing the Democrats another bone that they can keep the pressure on Trump with their multiple investigations in hopes that these might deter Trump from going after the “Deep State.”  Or, conversely, any attempt by the Trump administration and/or AG Barr to investigate the “Deep State,” either for their 2016 violations, or any alleged crimes during the Obama years will look to the public like some sort of political revenge.

Thus, I see this most recent (and tiresome) performance by Robert Mueller as one of playing good defense by forcing the Trump administration to continually play defense.  After all, it is now the only card that Mueller, his buddies in the “Deep State,” and the Democrats have left.

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