The Good in Men: A “Man’s Man,” Not a “Gillette Man”

We are receiving a lot of great stories from our readers honoring the fathers, sons, brothers, and others who have exemplified “the good in men.” Please be sure to tell us the story about a man of significance in your life and together we will correct the misleading notion perpetuated by the left that masculinity is somehow “toxic.”

We will continue posting a selection of these contributions and gifting an Égard watch (3 – Neutral) to a deserving man this Father’s Day.

Melody in Utah writes:

I am one of four girls raised by a “man’s man” with no sons in our family. My Dad has very traditional values, worked hard to support his family as a laborer, and made sure we knew we were loved. Each of us girls learned from our Dad the value of hard work and of honesty, as well as how to expect to be treated by men. My family still says “Yes, ma’am” and “Yes, sir”, holds the doors open for their female family members – and we females love that! I do not feel denigrated by those things – I feel treasured, respected, and loved!

Later in life, I married one of those “Gillette men” and experienced the worst 7 years of my life. I could not trust him to make good decision for our family, to keep a job, to be a good role model for our children. I was forced to be the leader of our family – a position I did not want! A few years after divorcing the “not-a-man”, I met and married an amazing traditional man’s man who had also raised all girls with the same values I learned from my dad. I loved watching my husband on his tractor (Yes – I thought his tractor was sexy!), watching him repair our vehicles or our home, teach our children to fish and work and budget. I loved seeing how the girl’s responded to the obvious love and respect of their “manly” father, and how they expected to be treated the same by future boyfriends. Sadly, we lost him nearly 3 years ago, and he is sorely missed. I will never remarry – especially if “Gillette men” are all there are to choose from in our current culture!

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EDITORS NOTE: This 2nd Vote column is republished with permission.

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