Why I am still rescuing women and families from ISIS

A couple of people have questioned my ministry of RESCUING women and families directly from ISIS, simply because of President Trump declaring his victory over ISIS and their defeat.

In one partial way he is correct, they are partially defeated structurally and area control-wise, yes. But not totally defeated!  With all due respect to our beloved president, I disagree with their defeat.

8 reasons why ISIS is NOT defeated:

  1. UN Secretary General said earlier this year that ISIS is “rebuilding”.
  2. Last month investigative report from the BBC: “There are between 20,000 and 30,000 ACTIVE ISIS warriors still at the ready.”
  3. There are FIVE named terrorist groups just in Iraq who have taken the place of ISIS.  This does not include the various tribes!
  4. General Georges Sada, my friend who was George W. Bush’s consultant on Iraq and current unofficial consultant with the current Iraqi government, explains it this way: “Structurally, ISIS has dissipated, but now they are localized and have now infiltrated locally in Iraq and Syria, which is very, very dangerous!”
  5. Jihad Watchstated two weeks ago that “There are STILL over 3,000 women unaccounted for held in ISIS pockets.” This would also include Africa, Indonesia, etc.
  6. The Bible says that in the end time days there will be “wars and rumors of wars!”
  7. I watched a CNN Special Report on “The Caliphate” on Saturday, May 11.  Long-time Middle East Correspondent Ben Weedeman said, “ISIS may be defeated; but they are still here!!”
  8. But most importantly, my rescuers are STILL rescuing women and families!! I have the reports, names and photos! I will see again for myself next month!

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