The Heartlands Three Pillars of Child Abuse

How many victims of childhood sexual abuse lived as the objects of sexual torture experiments funded and promoted by Indiana University’s Alfred Kinsey has never been revealed; but Kinsey is lauded unashamedly throughout the State of Indiana, with his victims never receiving compensation for their fears and tears and years of diabolical human experiments performed by men devoid of conscience, one such man being a Nazi SS officer, who furnished Kinsey, at his request and cost, with sexual experimental data on Holocaust children.

Although Kinsey died before being brought to human justice, his SS cohort was sentenced to prison. Also on the Bloomington Indiana University campus was the budding career of Jared Fogle, whose pornography business was operated from his campus room and then succeeded by a lucrative role as spokesman for Subway fast foods, ending in a federal prison sentence for abusing boys and girls for years and years worldwide, despite a decade of credible reports filed against him.

Jared was raised in Indianapolis, where his family vigorously supports him and maintains high status at the Indy Jewish Community Center, frequented by convicted predators, with easy access to children. For reporting child abuse at the Indy JCC by one of its counselors, my family and I were targeted by attorney Robert W. York, a hearing officer for the Indiana Supreme Court, receiving tens of thousands of dollars paid by Hoosier taxpayers.

When Robert York threatened my husband, York’s associate attorney, that he would be fired unless my husband and I would be silent about the abuse I had witnessed at the JCC, York’s years-long vendetta against our family began, continuing through today.

At the top of Indiana’s legal system, housed nearby to USA Gymnastics and USA Diving, which also concealed years of sexual abuse complaints, is the Indiana Supreme Court and its justices, including Steven David, who fined me, when he was a trial judge just north of Indianapolis, $60,000 for attempting to subpoena the mother of a convicted child molester to testify under oath about more victims that her son had contacted weekly for six years. Robert W. York serves the Indiana Supreme Court despite his intimidation of an eyewitness to child abuse, which intimidation and persecution of our family are well known to Indiana’s justices and follow the patterns of retribution seen against the families reporting abuse of their gymnasts and divers.

In Columbus, Ohio, the Heartland Ohio State University concealed decades of reports against its official physician, who is believed to have molested thousands of young male athletes, required to be examined by him in order to play sports at OSU. As an OSU family, we denounce this university in the strongest of renunciation for its inestimable harm to the youth on its teams. OSU, with full knowledge of credible reports against its physician, promoted him to positions of high repute, heartlessly sacrificing young lives.

Cradled in America’s Heartland, in its corporations, courts, and universities, is a golden triangle, like the Bermuda Triangle, where babies, children, and youth enter and never emerge the same.

Victims share what Larry Nassar did to them under the guise of medical treatment

By Dwight Adams,

Note: This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual abuse that may be offensive to some readers or painful to survivors of sexual assault. We think it is necessary to report this information as a warning and a reminder of what comprises sexual abuse. 

Former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced Wednesday to 40 to 175 years in prison, after pleading guilty to sexual assault.

But what did Larry Nassar actually do to his victims?

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►His sentencing: Here’s how long Larry Nassar could spend behind bars

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His specific crimes

Nassar, 54, was a doctor of osteopathic medicine and performed osteopathic manipulation, in which a doctor uses his or her hands to move a patient’s muscles and joints with techniques that include stretching, gentle pressure and resistance.

For more than a year after being accused in criminal complaints of sexual abuse, Nassar maintained he was performing legitimate medical procedures.


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