VIDEO: Democrat presidential primary gets crazier with ‘reparations’ candidate Alpha Leo (a.k.a. Deon D. Jenkins)

Ever heard of Alpha Leo? No? Well he was a Democratic Party candidate for president in 2016. Alpha Leo, Deon J. Jenkins, has thrown his hat in the ring to take on Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Deon is the reparations candidate.

The Deon D. Jenkins for President website states:

Oprah Winfrey, Jay Z, and Bob Johnson are more delusional for Black American life, and the aspirations of an individualistic concept of black success is even more delusional because American wealth is controlled by the codification of white supremacy. Black Americans have been sold the American dream, but are stuck as permanent underclass citizens, and our willingness to get deceived by the notion of individualism garners the root cause for our failures. [Emphasis added]

PRNewswire has this from Deon J. Jenkins’ (D) reparations platform:

Platform – D.M.L.G: Defense, Money, Land, Grants:

“A new generation of voters dominate the Black constituency, and it seems as if we finally have a reparations agenda, and refuse to fall for the sixty-year trend of benign neglect politics. I decided to give the people an idea for what a genuine campaign should look like. It is a very precise Reparations package. I call it D.M.L.G: Defense, Money, Land, Grants.

The very first element of reparations is Defense. Our rights are not protected in this country which is a violation of the fourteenth amendment. The fourteenth amendment is a Constitutional legislation giving former slaves who were set free after the Civil War unalienable rights as citizens of this country. Enforcement agencies must get established that specifically enforce this legislation. This enforcement encompasses black armed forces, black federal agencies, and black citizens who can equip self-protection.

The next element is Money for black descendants of slavery. There are roughly 300 million people recorded in the United States. Let’s say that the black people who can prove that they descended from slavery are 10 million people. The Gross Domestic Product, (GDP), is $20 trillion dollars annually. The breakdown of what’s owed should equate with the population size of blacks who descended from slavery, so we equate to at least three percent of the population. Three percent of the GDP of $20 trillion dollars a year is $60,000 dollars a year.

“I think that we are also owed a lump sum of money for all of the years that the United States missed on compensation since the slavery ending of 1865.

The third element is Land, because we were promised 40 acres and a mule, so if you multiply 40 acres times 10 million people will equate to over 400 million acres of land. 

“And finally, we need Grants specifically for banks, businesses, hospitals, schools, science, and technology.

“Be sure to vote: Primary elections are soon coming to your state.” [Emphasis added]

In April, 2019 Grace Segers from CBS News reported:

In a CNN town hall in March [2019], Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren became the latest candidate to bring one of the most controversial political topics in America into the spotlight: “I believe it’s time to start the national full-blown conversation about reparations in this country.”

At a townhall PBS News asked the Essential question:

How might the opinions of the 2020 candidates on the issue of reparations make a difference to voters?

The below video titled “What 2020 Democrats think about reparations” takes on this Democratic Party issue:

As Ayn Rand wrote,

The uncontested absurdities of today are the accepted slogans of tomorrow. They come to be accepted by degrees, by dint of constant pressure on one side and constant retreat on the other – until one day when they are suddenly declared to be the country’s official ideology.

Democrats running for president support:

  • The Green New Deal,
  • A 90% tax rate, national mandated minimum wage of $15,
  • Expanded government regulation (control) of the means of production,
  • Open borders, giving illegal aliens social benefits and amnesty,
  • Socialism/Communism/Marxism,
  • Anti-white, anti-straight, anti-God policies
  • Free education, housing and government jobs as a “civil right”
  • and the new “infanticide/Eugenics” platforms.

Add to this policy pile Deon J. Jenkins’ “reparations” platform. And what do you have? Uncontested absurdities on steroids.


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  1. Christopher Simmons
    Christopher Simmons says:

    Hi, Rich
    thanks for covering the news about our client this week. Any publicity is good publicity, as my dad taught me in the PR game back in 1981 🙂 I did want to make one semantic comment on your text — “PRNewswire reports….” — wanted to point out that PRN does not ‘report’ on anything; they issue press releases from companies and individuals, but are not a ‘reporting’ platform. Issuing news is not the same as reporting on it. We issued the release via PRN, and the original version is actually here: — you are welcome to use the included photo, if you wish. Anyway, was just correcting the minor semantic issue there as reporting is opinion, and PRN does not ‘report’ on anything, only issue news on behalf of others (having nothing to do with writing or creating the content published). Cheers. Going to be an interesting campaign season! 🙂


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