VIDEO: Protecting Young Muslim Girls from Islamic ‘Rented’ Mut’a [lust] Marriages

America is home to the feminist movement. The ideal of this movement is to make females equal to males, thereby elevating them in our culture. This led to the Women’s Suffrage movement in 1848 which resulted the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution giving women the right to vote. More recently we have seen the #MeToo movement the “anti-sexual harassment movement” to protect all girls and women.

Islamic Mut’a

What American feminists and those in the #MeToo movement don’t talk about are temporary arranged marriages in Islam for Mut’a (pleasure or lust). The Four Pillars Of Mut’a on the website notes:

The Arabic dictionaries define mut’a as ‘enjoyment, pleasure, delight’. The root form, m-t: signifies, ‘to carry away, to take away’. A ‘marriage of mut’a’ is a marriage which the contract stipulates will last for a fixed period of time. This ‘marriage of mut’a’ is referred to both in the hadith literature and, in much more detail, in the books on jurisprudence (fiqh).

[ … ]

In general the word mut’a was more commonly used than other terms for temporary marriage both during the lifetime of the Prophet and afterwards during the time of the Shi’i Imams and other Muslim leaders.

[ … ]

In some works a special term is applied to women who participate in mut’a: musta’jara, or ‘rented woman’. Mut’a is considered a kind of ‘rental’ because in general a man’s basic aim in this kind of marriage is the sexual enjoyment of a woman, and in return for his enjoyment the woman receives a certain amount of money or property. [Emphasis added]

An Ex-patriot Saudi Arabian Doctor in Canada Speaks Out

One doctor in Canada is speaking out about Mut’a (HT Vlad Tepes blog). On the One Godless Woman YouTube channel there is a video titled “Protecting Young Girls from Muta’a.” One Godless woman, who currently lives and practices medicine in Canada, states, “After graduating medical school I began my career as a medical Doctor in Saudi Arabia. I and the doctors and nurses in the hospital saw all too frequently the catastrophic medical complications and even death that arose from muta’a marriages.”

Watch “Protecting Young Girls from Muta’a”:

Sexual Assault

According to Canada’s Sexual Assault Center (SACHA) website:


Perhaps it is time for women across Canada and America to begin understanding how Islamic Mut’a marriage is sexual assault for the purpose of satisfying a man’s lust?

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