Dear Governor DeSantis: What is Florida Doing to Insure Its Voter Rolls are Squeaky Clean?

Ever since the 2000 George W. Bush vs. Al Gore recount Floridians have been sensitive to voter fraud in the Sunshine state. As Floridians look forward to voting in the presidential primaries in 2020 the question is: Are Florida’s voter rolls squeaky clean?

Why is this a concern for Floridians?

Let’s look at some areas that continually resurface every election cycle in Florida and in other states:

  1. People (i.e. snowbirds) with legal residences in two states who vote in both states.
  2. People who have passed away voting. Charlie Kirk in a recent tweet stated: According to a data specialist who independently audits voter rolls: Current Florida voter file received as of election day: 7,001 people born between 1900 to 1916; 516 born 1900 to 1908; 80 born 1900-1903; Plus 16 from 1886 to 1899.
  3. Illegal aliens voting (Florida has the fifth largest illegal alien population in America. (in 2012 election 200,000 illegals voted?)
  4. 275 convicted felons illegally voting in 2018?
  5. Refugees illegally voting. According to the Refugee Resettlement website, “Since 2002, 47,960 refugees from 62 countries have resettled in Florida.”
  6. Do the sixty-seven Supervisors of Elections fully follow the laws in insuring voter rolls are squeaky clean (remembering Broward County)?

VIDEO: Tom Fitton on CBN: 3.5 MILLION ‘Ghost Voters’ on Voter Rolls–‘That’s where you get fraud’:

It is illegal to cast a fraudulent vote in Florida

According to A Compilation of The Election Laws of the State of Florida:

Fla. Stat. Ann. §104.18

Prohibits voting twice within the state, or for the same office.

The following persons shall be deemed guilty of an election fraud: (5) Every person who, at any election, votes or attempts to vote in the name of any other person, living or dead, or in some fictitious name, or who, having once voted, votes or attempts to vote again, or knowingly gives or attempts to give more than one ballot for the same office at one time of voting;

According to the Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Cases database since 2010 only 15 cases of election fraud have been filed in Florida.

What must happen in Florida?

  1. Every Florida Supervisor of Election must insure they follow the law.
  2. Every citizen of the Sunshine state must vote.
  3. Every city, county and state elected official must support the ideal that only legal ballots are cast.
  4. Every citizen of Florida must report suspected voter fraud to their local Supervisor of Elections.

Every illegal vote cast negates a legal vote. Vote in 2020.

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  1. Royal A Brown III
    Royal A Brown III says:

    Amen Rich – Your concluding 4 steps are imperative to insuring voter fraud doesn’t result in FL and we get an accurate legal vote count. Broward and Palm Beach counties are both suspect based on their poor performance in 2018 resulting in the removal of both of their Supervisors of Election.


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