VIDEO: Walls Work – and We Can Prove It!

I recently returned from our trip to Israel to see first-hand what walls can do to keep a country safe from war, invasion and worse.

What I saw was amazing.

Our Israeli hosts took us on a tour of their wall in the south that separates the Gaza Strip from Israel – a wall that has cut terrorists from crossing the border to kill Israeli farmers, families, and government officials by an astounding 99.9%.

I’ve posted a short video on our YouTube channel of our visit to the Gaza Wall – the kind of wall we need on our own border with Mexico to get our illegal immigration crisis under control.

As you may know, Hamas terrorists who control Gaza have been financed and armed by the radical Imams who run Iran – the same Imams who chant “Death to America” as a national motto.

In the north, my team and I went right up to Israel’s border with Lebanon where Hezbollah – also financed by Iran – has launched attacks and rockets into Israel’s interior. Thanks to Israel’s comprehensive border security systems, including the highly effective Iron Dome, these attacks that have been reduced to nearly zero.

Nevertheless, Hezbollah keeps digging attack tunnels under the border and Israel keeps finding and destroying these subterranean roadways into northern Israel communities. Through the direction of Iran, Hezbollah has exported their tunnel technology into Mexico and work with the drug cartels to tunnel into the United States!

This is not acceptable!

And now that the international community led by President Donald Trump has officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved our Embassy there, walls and strict control of border crossing points has shut down efforts by homicide bombers from inflicting terror on civilian populations.

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